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Millennial Who Quit His Job for College Declares Degree Is “Worthless”

Millennial Who Quit His Job for College Declares Degree Is “Worthless”
Source: Pinterest

Millennial Who Quit His Job for College Declares Degree Is “Worthless”

Source: Pinterest

A 43-year-old man declared his degree worthless after finding it difficult to secure a job. Dan Colflesh left his job when he was 34 to pursue a degree to better his chances of securing a good-paying job. 

Colflesh is a graduate of physics degree from Community College and political science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He has graduated for over three years, and he’s still struggling to secure a job. 

Reason for Opting for a Degree at 34

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Colflesh worked at different companies before opting for a degree at 34. The zeal to get a promotion at his workplace was one of the reasons he decided to bag degrees. 

He mentioned how he worked his way up in a few companies but would usually hit a roadblock when it came to getting promoted just because he didn’t have a degree. 

Colflesh Calls His Degree “Worthless”

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Colflesh, who reportedly left his job to get a good-paying job, could not secure a job after three years of graduating. 

In his interview with Business Insider, Colflesh revealed that no one will hire him, calling his degree “worthless.”

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Challenges of Getting a Good-Paying Job

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It seems Colflesh didn’t meet what he expected after graduating. He lamented that he had applied for over 100 jobs and could not secure one.

He mentioned how the job market has changed over the years. He said there was a huge chance of getting a good-paying job in any field once you graduate, but now it seems more challenging to find those opportunities. 

Experience as a Factor

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The challenges of getting a job seem to vary. Lack of experience is another challenge for Colflesh. Being a graduate isn’t enough to secure a good-paying job; experience is one of the crucial skills needed. 

Colflesh noted what is expected of a fresh graduate. He mentioned how you need to have an “insane amount of experience” to secure a good job. 

Willingness To Work if Given a Chance

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From the way Colflesh speaks, one can tell that he is eager to work if given a chance. He speaks of how employers complain about how no one is willing to work. 

In his speech, Colflesh narrated how he hears employers lamenting that people don’t want to work. He said he is eager to work but just that no one would give him a chance. 

Autism as a Challenge

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Autism is probably another issue impeding Colflesh’s chances of securing a good job. He speaks of how being autistic has been one of his challenges in getting a job, even after securing degrees.

According to him, he usually seems off to most nonautistic. This points to the fact that they hardly take him seriously.

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Lack of General Acceptance

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Another challenge pointed out by Colflesh is his inability to socialize. Socializing aids networking, which can help boost chances of securing a job 

However, in the case of Colflesh, he speaks of how social networking has been difficult for him. This is due to a lack of general acceptance of autistic people. 

Not Giving Up Despite Challenges

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Being resilient can help us achieve anything, no matter how challenging it may seem. In the case of Colflesh, despite all the hurdles, he is determined to continue searching until he can secure the good job he wants. 

He is determined; he declares that no matter how bleak it gets, he will keep looking nonstop. 

Degree Not Being a Requirement for Some Companies

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Recently, a degree seems to be no longer one of the criteria some companies need to employ someone in a particular field. Companies are dropping degrees as a requirement and focusing on what you have to offer. 

Some major companies like these include Walmart, Accenture, IBM, etc. This is making people wonder if a degree still has value.

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Gradual Disconnection Between Educational Achievement and Job Opportunities

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Education, which used to be a crucial factor in securing a good-paying job, seems to be less important now. 

Back in the day, a graduate would not have to sweat before securing a good job, that is education plays a huge role in the job market. But now, Colflesh’s experience suggests some form of disconnection between educational achievement and job opportunities. 

Issue of Recent Unemployment Rate

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According to the history of employment in the United States, the unemployment rate for men is low. Despite this, employment problems persist. 

Recently, the workforce has seen a decrease in the number of men compared to decades ago. This explains why the unemployment rate is gradually increasing. 

Concerns About the Declining Need of Degrees for Securing a Good Job

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One of the main issues that needs to be addressed is the challenges of a shifting job market. Is higher education still valued as a requirement for securing a good-paying job? 

With some companies no longer using education as a hiring criterion, what should the next generation of job seekers expect? There are also concerns about possible total disregard for degrees in the job market. 


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