Friday, June 21, 2024
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Historic Wyoming Ranch Goes Back on Sale for $67 Million 

Historic Wyoming Ranch Goes Back on Sale for $67 Million 

Historic Wyoming Ranch Goes Back on Sale for $67 Million 

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One of the oldest and most beautiful ranches in North America, the Pitchfork Ranch, is going on sale! This would be the third home in history that this treasures property in Northern Wyoming will be on sale. Therefore, all eyes are on the ranch, as sellers value it at a whopping $67 million price.

The Pitchfork Ranch

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The Pitchfork Ranch is not just a ranch but also a historical site. It has been in existence since before it was even a state. This was when the first settlers even a state.

As far back as 1878, Otto Frank Von Lichenstein built the ranch, which still stands to date. He emigrated to the newly founded United States from Germany in 1866 and bought the property.

Only on the Market for the Third Time Ever

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This ranch has been in the same spot in Wyoming for almost 150 years. After running it effectively for 33 years, Otto died, and LG Phelps bought the property. Together with the Belden family, they ran the space for another 95 years.

Then, they sold it to the Baker family, who are the current owners about to sell. Therefore, this is only the third time in history that the ranch is up for sale!

What Makes It So Special?

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Apart from its historical value, the Pitchfork Ranch is special for many reasons. It has been a successful farm for over 140 years. In addition, the land itself is a perfect ground for rearing cattle. 

It has an incredible amount of space with fertile ground for feeding cattle. Water is also not a problem for this ranch as it sits on a river 7.5 miles long.

Why Is It So Expensive?

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Without a doubt, $67 million is a huge price for a cattle ranch. However, this is not just any ranch. The Pitchfork ranch is one of its kind, as it can currently feed about 1,300 cows a year. Arguably, they produce some of the best beef in the market. 

Therefore, its layout, holding capacity, and the fact that it is a fully functional business add to the value of this property.

The Ranch Layout and Location

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The layout of the Pitchfork ranch is one to envy. Located in the Bighorn Basin area, Pitchfork Ranch sits in front of the Absaroka Mountains in a valley along the Greybull River. Furthermore, it boasts about 96,000 acres of land.

This includes 13,886 acres of deeded land, 5,645 Bureau of Land Management acres, 44,984 forest service acres, and 31,600 acres leased by the state.

Houses and Rooms on the Ranch

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The houses and rooms on the farm are also incredible. The Stone house, which is the main house, was built in 1930. It is huge and has eight bedrooms and five bathrooms.  

The Manager’s House and River House are also unique, with a lot of space. The latter was built in 1948 and has an indoor swimming pool. In addition, there are many other homes, barns, and facilities on the Ranch for its new owners to enjoy.

The Horse Ranch and Show

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It is not a surprise that the incredible ranch has a horse farm. This practice started with the Baker family, and it continued for years. 

They host a famous horse sale every year while also putting on a horse show for the buyers. This is a huge local event, and it attracts people from all over the country every time.

The Effects of the Ranch on the Community

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The ranch and its owners have done a lot for the community. Ben Anson, the real estate agent for Pitchfork, recently said, “I think the stuff that [Pitchfrok Farm] has done for the community has been awesome.”

In addition to its regular events, they also give back to the community a lot. They host charity events and fundraisers and have also spent half a million dollars on a community conference center.

A Perfect Ground for Conservation

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Thanks to its green land and natural state, the Pitchfork Ranch has been a constant source of conservation for the land. The presence of the farm helps its flora and fauna. 

For example, environmentalists believed that the black-footed ferret was extinct. However, they have found them in growing numbers once more, thanks to the ranch.

Visiting the Ranch and the Great Outdoors

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The ranch is a great place to visit for those who love the great outdoors. It is a conservative space, and one can see the farm in all its natural beauty. 

Lennox Baker himself leads annual tours of the ranch, and several of the natural springs are open all year. In addition, they give permission to a few hunters yearly.

Pitchfork Ranch Is One of the Last of Its Kind

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This ranch is clearly one of the last of its kind. Therefore, many people hope that its new owners will understand its historical value and uniqueness. They also hoped that they would use the ranch for its original purposes and not try to convert it into an industrial base. 

Anson wrote, “It’s rare to see a contiguous place of land this large, with this much history, on the market.

Prospects for the New Buyer

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Whoever is fortunate enough to buy the property is surely going to enjoy it. In addition, they would literally be the new owners of a significant piece of American history. 

The property is so wildly beautiful it can only be a dream for some. With the cattle and horse farm, the views, and the scenery, its new owners will be living a good dream.