Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Florida Governor Slams Walmart, Target, for Their “Woke” Approach to Retail Theft

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Florida Governor Slams Walmart, Target, for Their “Woke” Approach to Retail Theft

Source: Pinterest

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is probably one of the most well-known politicians in the country. He has made quite the name for himself with his incredibly strong and often controversial opinions and policies.

Most recently, the governor has slammed businesses such as Target, Walmart, and CVS for locking up many of their products. DeSantis says corporations like these are becoming far too “woke,” which, in his opinion, is quite the insult.

Locked Cupboards Are Becoming More Common in Retail Stores

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Everyone has seen locked cupboards at various retailers. Sometimes, they contain expensive products like electronics, while other times, they keep items that require identification, such as cigarettes or liquor, safe from underage shoppers.

However, recently, some stores have taken to locking up inexpensive and completely innocent products like shampoo, lotion, and toothpaste. This means shoppers have to ask for employee assistance to gain access to more items than ever before.

Florida Governor Made a Post

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Governor DeSantis has quite a strong opinion about this practice. He posted on popular social media platform X, “Going into a drugstore to buy toothpaste shouldn’t be like Fort Knox. You shouldn’t need a clerk to unlock a case just to purchase basic items.”

It’s important to understand that DeSantis is arguing that average Americans shouldn’t have to ask to access toothpaste while shopping.

Retail Theft Is at an All-Time High

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The Governor believes that it is the responsibility of state governments and the stores themselves to better enforce retail theft. There’s no doubt that retail theft has become a real problem throughout the country.

Large retailers such as Target and Walmart have reported extreme financial losses due to theft over the past couple of years.

The Businesses Were at a Loss

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Walmart estimates that they lost nearly $3 billion last year to theft, and Target wasn’t far behind with a $1 billion loss. Overall, American companies collectively forfeit a whopping $112 billion in just one year of profits thanks to petty and organized theft.

Some people think that stealing from a giant corporation like Walmart or Target is harmless since they make more than enough money every year.

Target CEO Explains the Increase in Retail Theft

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Target CEO Brian Cornell explained that a growing number of thefts are turning violent. Cornell said, “During the first five months of this year, our stores saw a 120% increase in theft incidents involving violence or threats of violence.”

However, DeSantis argues that millions of Americans shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of a few criminals. Instead, these stores need to crack down on crime.

What Can Be Done to Stop the Increase in Retail Theft?

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To combat this growing issue, many companies have decided to remove self-checkout counters and place many of their products, expensive or non, under lock and key.

They hope that these practices will deter criminals and keep their employees and customers safe. Even though it may seem like an inconvenience, the leaders of these corporations simply don’t know what else to do.

Florida Is Increasing Punishments for Retail Theft

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DeSantis said in a recent statement, “All these places, they’ve effectively enacted policies that legalize shoplifting. So people just go in, they take what they want, they leave.” And the governor isn’t just complaining, he’s taking action against this frustrating reality.

On April 9, 2024, DeSantis passed House Bill 549, which significantly increased the punishment for retail theft across the Sunshine State.

The Woke Approach

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In DeSantis’ opinion, the “woke” liberal mindset is far too passive. America is a country of action, justice, and tradition, and by letting criminals get away with their crimes because of lackadaisical policies, companies are doing Americans a disservice.
But this isn’t the first time DeSantis has spoken out against companies that he believes are leaning too far to the left.

A Typical Example

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For example, when Bud Light hired a famous transgender woman as one of its spokespeople, DeSantis said the brand had “radical social ideologies” and encouraged people to boycott the popular beer.

In addition to boycotting a brand for working with a transgender person. This is according to the Governor’s opinion regarding transgender.

The Governor Has Always Famously Passed the Don’t Say Gay Bill

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Governor DeSantis also passed a piece of legislation in 2022 that everyone calls the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

DeSantis claimed the bill was meant to “prohibit classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in certain grade levels or a specified manner” and ensure children are not oversexualized in school.

Gender Identity

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The vast majority of Americans saw the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” as a way to silence and shame children for their feelings and questions regarding their orientation or gender.

Whether these lockboxes will deter crime remains to be seen, but companies like Target and Walmart are extremely hopeful that they will make a difference.

The Governor’s Plan

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Of course, DeSantis’ crack-down-on-crime approach is the same idea in theory with a far different tactic.

But if his plan does work and retail theft in Florida decreases with the new punishments, other states may have to emulate his plan next year, whether they want to or not.