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Experts Predict Major US Cities Will Experience Population Decline by the Year 2100

Experts Predict Major US Cities Will Experience Population Decline by the Year 2100

Experts Predict Major US Cities Will Experience Population Decline by the Year 2100

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America’s population will reportedly slow down this decade, with just over a million residents expected to be added by 2100. 

By then, the Census Bureau predicts that about half of all US cities will experience depopulation, and those who remain are likely to relocate. These days, the cost of living in a bustling city has become high, pushing many to consider suburban or rural lives. 

Cities Will Experience the Most Depopulation

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There are places currently filled to the brim with people that are predicted to lose at least 25% of their population. Such areas include the Midwest and Northeast regions. It is predicted that many who will be moving away will belong to the baby boomer generation. The aging population will want more peace and quiet and are more likely to go for areas with more affordable healthcare.

What Economics Has To Do With Depopulation

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People who don’t belong to the baby boomer generation and are not retiring anytime soon are also predicted to leave some place for better options. And their major reason is based on economics. There is simply too much income inequality in some areas. Coupled with increasing living costs, these places, major cities like Los Angeles, are certain to see an exodus of residents as the years pass. 

More About the Role Economics Will Play in the Expected Depopulation

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Another reason younger people might choose to leave major cities is the chasm between job availability and income needs. As long as cities like San Francisco and New York remain stagnant in terms of job provision, they will remain victims of population decline. 

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The First Cities Expected To Face Population Decline

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Among the US cities predicted to experience population declines are Buffalo, NY; Columbus, GA; Cincinnati, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; and Baton Rouge, LA. Several factors could cause this, but the most likely ones include increasing poverty, unemployment, job scarcity, and less affordable homes. 

Why People Are Leaving Some Cities

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Different cities have unique reasons why people are leaving them. Places like Lansing, MI, will experience depopulation because too many people are losing their jobs while having to deal with ever-increasing living costs and a harsh climate. Another good example is Milwaukee, WI. Here, population decline is imminent, but mostly because residents prefer to have fewer children.

Why Cleveland, OH Is Getting Depopulated

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Cleveland, OH, is one of the biggest cities that will see a major population decrease by 2100. It has already been experiencing population decline since the 1950s.

Most who left have done so because of the fall of heavy industry and significant suburbanization.

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Baltimore, MD, Also Expected To Shrink Population-wise

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The city’s population has fallen to 569,930, figures similar to those recorded in the early 1910s, long before so many developments were made. One reason this has happened, despite all the imported infrastructure, is the stagnant job market. There is also a high crime rate, and suburbanization has been constant. 

St. Louis, MO’s Population Has Been In Decline For Years

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Another big city certain to see a huge decrease in its population by 2100 is St. Louis, MO. It has already seen a considerable exodus of its people in the past couple of years, losing almost 20,000 people between April 2020 and July 2022. Some of the factors responsible for this include the few jobs there are to go around, high crime rates, and a desire for more affordable living. 

Birmingham, AL Also Suffers From Economic Woes

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Birmingham’s population was at its highest in 1960 when a census recorded 340,000 people living there. Unfortunately, it has not maintained its allure, and the population continues to decline. This has a lot to do with the worsening job market and the city’s dependence on traditional economic sectors.

Detroit, MI Rules the Roost

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As far as population decline is concerned, Detroit takes the crown. It has seen one of the most noticeable population shifts in an urban area, losing about 61% of its population since the 1950s. The exodus was mostly due to the decentralization of the automotive industry, which led to layoffs, and the terrible economy did the rest. 

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Demerits of Depopulation

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As many cities lose their residents, this will reflect on the nation’s economy. A smaller population will affect many businesses as it means fewer consumers. This will ultimately impact the economy negatively, especially since the US is a country whose GDP almost completely depends on consumer spending. 

There is little that can be done to stop the population decline completely but it can be slowed down if more cities pay attention and start prioritizing the people. 

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