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California DEI Leader Says Jesus Was a “Tool” Used to “Enslave Minds for Capital Gain”

A picture of Jesus Christ on the cross
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California DEI Leader Says Jesus Was a “Tool” Used to “Enslave Minds for Capital Gain”

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“Jesus Christ is a tool intended to control minds and destroy indigenous cultures for financial benefit,” a California DEI official said.

Her comment portrays Jesus Christ in a light that goes much beyond his spiritual impact and raises the possibility that his reputation is being manipulated for financial gain. She implies that many religious leaders subject people to religious persecution just to make financial gains. 

The Statement

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An official in California who freely expresses how she feels and also gives opinions about things recently made remarks demeaning to White people and Christians, calling Christ a character of “capital gain.”

Carina Lieu is an inclusive community engagement officer in the Oakland administrator’s office, and she made a series of comments about Jesus Christ and Christianity as a whole. She discussed extensively how Jesus Christ is being used to enslave people and also as a resource to fend for. 

Conveying Changes

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Lieu’s remarks are basically about criticism of religious beliefs and how it is being practiced with critical race theory-based viewpoints, such as the notion that systemic oppression persists in the US and that facing unconscious prejudice is a vital first step in enacting change.

Lieu declared that she detested “White America,” claiming that the group suffers from “pathology” and a “superiority complex.”

Lieu’s Research

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Lieu utilized the research to support her beliefs on Whiteness and Christianity by citing the example of a Christian missionary who built a clinic to treat hundreds of malnourished children in Uganda.

Hundreds of youngsters were among the patients who passed away. The missionary settled a lawsuit without taking responsibility for any wrongdoing or acknowledging guilt.

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Discussing the Unspoken Facts

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Lieu highlights the importance of having tough conversations about the unspoken facts to confront the systemic oppression of Christianity in the United States.

She strongly emphasizes the necessity of studying to understand the facts about religion and social reform, believing that these discussions ultimately lead to change.

Making People Forcefully Believe in Christ

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Lieu claims that Christianity has historically been used in non-Western regions to impose faith by preaching against their beliefs, converting people to Christianity, and enforcing spiritual subjugation.

This critical viewpoint places religion within the context of declining cultural standards, thereby making culture appear taboo and also against colonial power dynamics.


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Submitting People to Spirituality

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Lieu claimed that Europeans had a history of exploiting less-developed countries because they introduced religion to them and made them believe that Christianity would save them from themselves and that less-developed societies were primitive and underdeveloped.

She went on to criticize how religion practiced by billions of people in the world is dominated to impose certain beliefs, condemning their culture and enforcing spirituality on them.

Lieu Against the Christian Religion

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Lieu claims that the phrase “Jesus Saves” has two meanings, implying that Jesus was a “tool” used to overpower people’s minds and eliminate indigenous practices to gain financial advantage.”

She continued by saying that it is the responsibility of white people to support efforts to overthrow oppressive institutions and that black people were tricked into becoming Christians to remain under colonial rule.

School Scheme Should Be Updated

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As part of her campaign for educational reform, Lieu supports the teaching of ethnic studies and science in schools relevant to local cultures. This will help students understand their cultural beliefs and roots.

 She contends that by implementing this kind of academic integration and also encouraging students to learn, the educational system must combat colonial myths and reflect a plurality of histories.

Negative Effects on the Society

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Lieu contended that mass killings, Trump protests, and the current anti-immigrant mindset are all symptoms of the disease known as whiteness.

It is causing mental health issues in addition to the physical death of people. This is the justification for creating the possibility for ethnic studies to enlighten people and students more about history and culture. 


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Racism Is Considered a Disease

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According to Lieu, students should be taught that America has a racial disease that has been perpetuated through years of education and influence, and they should consider if their morally righteous field of study will be consistent with that understanding.

The inclusion officer has previously assisted in changing Oakland’s public safety regulations and worked on creating the Reimagining Public Safety project.

Security Issues Arise

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In protest of the way the government was addressing public safety issues, many business owners have gone out of business because they cannot sustain business growth due to the high crime rate.

This collaborative effort brings out the community’s pressing demands and results in security challenges in society. 

Business Growth Support

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To encourage community and provincial business participation, a municipal authority established a grant program to support events such as fitness classes, musical performances, and movie nights.

This program intends to grow business by attracting customers and helping local businesses that have suffered a lot of losses and a drop in sales due to an increase in crime.

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