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Deion Sanders’ Son Files for Bankruptcy After a Texas Judge Ruled Against Him

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A picture of Shilo Sanders.
Source: BSO/X

In a shocking turn of events, a Colorado Buffaloes football player has filed for bankruptcy. The football player filed for bankruptcy shortly after a $11.89 million damages judgment was filed against him. The ruling comes from a 2015 assault charge involving his high school staff.

Shilo Sanders is a 24-year-old football player who plays defensive back for the Colorado Buffalos. Sanders is the son of NFL Hall of Fame cornerback and the team’s head coach, Deion Sanders. 

In October 2023, Sanders filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the Colorado bankruptcy code. Shilo Sanders filed for bankruptcy in October of last year, claiming to have only $320,477 to his name despite his NIL worth supposedly being $1.1 million. 

This comes after the March 2022 judgment in which his former high school security, John Darjean, was awarded almost $12 million. The money in which Darjean was awarded comes from a civil assault charge in 2015.

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In 2015, while Sander was a student at Focus Academies High School, he was disrupting class. Sander was found violating the school’s no-phone policy. Darjean, who was a security staffer, tried to implement the necessary punishment for Sanders. However, Sander, who didn’t like his phone being taken away, proceeded to attack Darjean, resulting in his getting paralyzed. Darkens was a former baseball prospect for the New York Yankees.

According to court filings, it was reported that Sanders hit Darjean with an elbow, causing him to fall. However, Darjean fell, and Sander didn’t stop but rather chose to keep hitting him repeatedly. Afterward, Darjean was taken to the hospital as a result of the attack. Sander was 15 at the time.

According to a statement by Darjean, he claims to have sustained some serious and permanent injuries. He described his injuries, which included a fractured neck, cervical spine damage, irreparable incontinence, and lasting brain impairment.

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Originally, Sanders’ parents were added to the lawsuit until 2018. Their names were removed from the case after winning a pre-trial hearing against Darjean in January 2019. In 2020, Sander’s attorneys informed the court that they would no longer be representing him, citing a lack of legal fees.

Sanders’ was a redshirt freshman at South Carolina at the time., and the trial was the. It was shifted indefinitely until it was revisited in 2022, with the judgment coming in later in March 2022. Shilo Sanders was not present during the course of the trial, which ended with the Texas judge awarding the damages to Darjean. 

According to court documents, Sanders was found guilty of committing assault and battery. Shilo claimed to have been unaware of the trial being resumed. He maintained that he had not been allowed to present his defense.

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Shilo Sanders stated that the incident occurred because of the security officer’s behavior and that he had acted in self-defense in Bankruptcy Court this February. 

Shilo Sanders’ lawyers have filed a motion for summary judgment. If the motion is granted, Darjean may forfeit the opportunity to collect the damages.

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