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Seattle Museum Staffers Shut Down Art Center to Protest Against Antisemitic Hatred

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A picture of the gallery of Wing Luke Museum
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In a recent development, some museum employees made a decision that shows solidarity and unity. The museum was subsequently closed after a majority of its staff walked out during an exhibition.

On Wednesday, May 29, 2024, the Seattle Museum closed its doors after over 20 employees staged a walkout. The walkout was a response to the museum’s plan to organize an anti-Semitism exhibit. 

The new exhibit was named “Confronting Hate Together.”. However, the employees were pro-Palestinian supporters who claimed some of the displays blended anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

The walk was carried out on the first day that the exhibit was displayed for public consumption. According to the employees, the strike will continue until their demands are adhered to.

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The employees of the museum wrote a statement in which they said Zionism has no place in our communities. They stated that being anti-Zionist is integral to their freedom as AA/NHPI. Additionally, they claimed that their organization should reflect their support for Palestine.

The museum website said that the show was created to research crimes committed out of hate. It was focused on crimes against black people and Jews, among other marginalized groups. The evidence was scheduled to be on display from May 29, 2024, to June 30, 2024.

A panel from the Jewish Historical Society is among the parts of the exhibit that the striking employees are objecting to. It begins, “Today, antisemitism is sometimes masked as anti-Zionism.”

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The employees using their online platforms expressed their opinions and objections. The staff said they were concerned about the art as it only focused on a one-sided story that was real. 

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The organization wrote a statement, which they uploaded to their website. They assert that the conflict in Gaza looks similar to colonization and imperialism. They claim that this exploitation continues to affect people whose land was taken from them. 

Zionism is the term for the campaign to create a Jewish state in the Middle East, where Palestinians claim the land was stolen from them and Israelis believe their nation is their historic homeland. The museum also released a statement, issuing support for their staff members. 

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Employees at Wing Luke Museum politely left their jobs to oppose offensive material in a recently opened exhibition, according to the museum.

As a dialogue-based company, we respect and value our employees’ freedom to voice their opinions and personal perspectives. To that end, we are creating a safe environment for deliberate listening that aims to hear many points of view in the hopes of reaching a consensus.

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The museum looks forward to reopening at a later time so that it can continue serving the community. Additionally, they stated that the museum was closed this week as the museum and staff held discussions. They also asked that the public keep an eye out for their updates.

When the show reopens, the museum said it will provide free entrance to the public to view it.

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