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“Great Hospital” Star Johnny Wactor Shot Dead in Los Angeles

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A picture of John Wactor.
Source: Kemiolunloyo/X

In the early hours of Saturday May 25, 2024, a robbery attempt went wrong resulting in the death of one person. The victim, John Wactor is an actor, known particularly for his role as Brando Corbin in the popular television show “General Hospital.”

John William Wactor III was an American actor with a career spanning 17 years. In addition to his role on “General Hospital,” John will also be remembered for his roles as Johnny on the NBC series “Siberia.” He also starred in the movies “Supercell” and “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage,” as well as the television show “Army Wives.” At the time of his death, Wactor was 37 years old.

On the night of May 24, 2024, John went for a bartending shift at Level 8, in downtown Los Angeles. His friend and colleague, Anita Joy was also working the shift with him. They stay late to help clean up at the rooftop bar where he worked.

Upon ending their shift, around 3am on May 25, 2025 John and Joy headed to the parking lot where they interrupted an ongoing robbery. According to Joy, the “General Hospital” star initially thought his car was being towed because realizing it was a robbery.

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After realizing their intentions, Wactor stepped in front of the assailants, maintaining his composure as usual while informing them it was his car. As recounted by Joy, Wactor told the robbers he posed no threat, instead asking them to go. All the while, his hands extended to his sides in peace.

However, there was a gunshot, after which Wactor lost his balance and fell to the ground. Joy claimed that actor stood between her and the shooter. After they fell to the pavement, Joy tried supporting his body to keep him alive. Consequently, she asked for help before one of the bar’s security guards sprinted in their direction, calling 911.

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Joy stated that the security performed CPR on Wactor. She also tried to stop the blood by tying her jacket around him. Wactor’s mother, Scarlett Wactor, has also confirmed his passing.

When Scarlett was reached for information, she confirmed what Joy had written on her Instagram page. Scarlett also mentioned that the bar did not provide a parking space for its staff, despite initially promising to do so. 

When the police arrived at the alley, they found Wactor suffering from a gunshot wound. When he arrived at the hospital, doctors declared him dead.

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According to the police, the three individuals were taking the catalytic converter. Witness accounts led the police to conclude that the shooting was without provocation. The trio took off in a black car headed north on Hope Street. There have not been any official arrests.

According to his death certificate, Wactor has been cremated, and his ashes will be sent to his mother in South Carolina.

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