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Who Is Magic Johnson’s Son EJ Johnson Dating? A Glimpse Into His Love Life

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Since his days on “RKOBH,” EJ Jonhson’s life has become a source of major headlines, from his familial scandals to his love entanglements. By implication, “who is magic Johnson’s son dating?” has become a most asked question among fans.

Magic Johnson’s son EJ Johnson came out as gay in 2013, after news outlets outed him sooner than he planned. The sudden publicity subjected the then college under-grad to mixed reactions from the public.

The public interest and occasional backlash overwhelmed the youngster. However, through it all, his biggest relief was that he came out to his parents years prior, and hence, spared them the shocker.

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While he had their support, EJ’s dad Magic Johnson was not always on board with his sexuality. In fact, the television personality admittedly struggled for years to come out to his dad, long after his mom discovered.

When it did happen, the retired basketball player, disappointed at first, took it in his strides, later apologizing to his son over his initial reactions. Backed by his supportive parents, EJ went on to embrace crossdressing and other aspects of his sexuality.

Who is Magic Johnson's son dating? | Image: Instagram/ejjohnson_
Who is Magic Johnson’s son dating? | Image: Instagram/ejjohnson_

He continued making gender-defying fashion choices, leaving many to speculate he was transgender. However, EJ addressed the speculations, saying he had no plans to transition and decided against it because he loved himself the way he was.

Notwithstanding, EJ Johnson’s fashion choices, pronouns, and weight transformation have made his personal life a topic of interest to many. His romantic life and dating history have especially been on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the last decade.

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Here we answer questions like Who is Magic Johnson’s son dating? How many relationships has he had? And who has EJ Johnson dated in the past? Sit back and enjoy this walk through EJ Johnson’s love life.

Who Is Magic Johnson’s Son Dating?

Like most celebrities, EJ Johnson prefers keeping his personal life private, which could be a hassle for a reality star. He scarcely reveals details about his dating life, or the lack thereof.

However, given his revealing interviews, social life, and numerous public sightings, one can safely say he is not in a relationship as of March 2022.

EJ Johnson | Image: Instagram/ejjohnson_
EJ Johnson | Image: Instagram/ejjohnson_

Notably, the television personality once addressed his dating life, admitting he has been in no serious relationship since coming out. According to him, each time he came near to introducing his love interest to his family, something unexpected always happened.

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His history with women has yielded similar results. EJ revealed that most women he met and dated almost always had the ulterior motive of getting his dad’s attention. This has made his super-secret personal life more scandalous than he’d like.

Despite attempts to keep his romance off the radar, the 29-year-old has been subject to dating rumors in times past, with his possible involvement with Christopher Milan taking the front seat.

Are EJ Johnson And Christopher Milan Dating?

Those curious about who Magic Johnson’s son is dating may find solace in the fact that he may or may not be involved with Christopher Milan. Rumors of an alleged affair between EJ Johnson and the “Love & Hip Hop” star first surfaced in 2017.

The speculations arose after the duo were spotted out on a supposed lunch date at the Hollywood restaurant, Toast. Soon enough, a possible romance between them began making major headlines.

EJ Johnson and Christopher Milan | Image:pinterest
EJ Johnson and Christopher Milan | Image:pinterest

The duo’s failure to address the widespread speculations further fueled it. Before long, rumors that they were engaged began to swirl. Despite their silence, news of the duo out enjoying lunch together has flooded the tabloids over the years.

Who Has EJ Johnson Dated In The Past?

While the question, “who is Magic Johnson’s son dating?” may seem like a tough nut to crack given how tight-lipped the crossdresser has been, details about his past romances have made it to the tabloids.

One of his most publicized was his affair with a French model named Anthony. Interestingly, he ended up dating Magic Johnson’s daughter Elisa. This love triangle led to a family feud between the Johnson siblings.

EJ, then 24, explained how his sister’s new boyfriend led him on in a club and even locked lips with him. The star also revealed that he expected his younger sister to cut ties with the model after discovering he was his ex. That way, she could show his feelings mattered to her.

EJ Johnson and Elisa Johnson | Image: Instagram/ejjohnson_
EJ Johnson and Elisa Johnson | Image: Instagram/ejjohnson_

On her part, Elisa insisted she could not discontinue her relationship with Anthony because she had developed serious feelings for him. The squabble was so intense that it paved the way for a “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills” spin-off “EJNYC.”

While his dating life has been somewhat controversial, EJ Johnson has seen success in other aspects, from his career to making a statement in the fashion world. More importantly, he has achieved a better standing with his dad, who has finally come to terms with his sexuality.

No doubt the next stop for the fashionista, reality star, and media enthusiast would be unmatched excellence in his showbiz career and entrepreneurial ventures, just like Magic Johnson.

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