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10 Photos of Angie Harmon That Proves Style Is Timeless

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Despite spending years in the spotlight, several photos of Angie Harmon have remained etched in people’s hearts, immortalizing her years as a movie and style icon.

Angie Harmon kicked off her showbiz career as a model in the nineties, easily scaling up the ranks with her beauty, prowess, and impressive height. At the peak of her modeling career, the icon transitioned to acting, after being discovered by producer David Hasselhoff.

She went on to star in several movies and television shows, further bolstering her stardom. With her prolific acting prowess, Harmon easily outshined many in the industry, landing major roles in hit dramas like “Law & Order” and “Rizzoli & Isles,” earning her several awards.

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Despite her successful stint in film and television, she still relishes her past career in the fashion world. Over the years, the actress has retraced her modeling roots, getting glammed up for magazine shoots and red carpet appearances.

Angie Harmon | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Some of these priceless looks have been immortalized in stunning photos of Angie Harmon shared on social media and other online platforms.

How Tall Is Angie Harmon?

While the actress undoubtedly owes her success to her flawless talent and beauty, having the ideal frame to fit into her on-screen persona as a no-nonsense detective also played a part.

Standing at 5 feet, 9.5 inches, Angie Harmon has quite an impressive height for a model and actress. Her fashion choices over the years have further flattered her stunning physique, making her stand out even at forty-nine.

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Here are some of our favorite photos of Angie Harmon at her best, handpicked and compiled from her social media page.

1. Green Christmas

In December 2021, Angie Harmon racked over seventeen thousand likes on Instagram in December 2021 after sharing a photo of herself.

The pic featured the proud mom clad in an army green coat from the women’s cloth shop Capitol. She paired it with skinny jeans from The Row and a pair of black boots as she posed in front of a giant Christmas tree.

Harmon looked all chic and classy in the ensemble, which combined minimalist fashion and a touch of luxury. The bold outfit choice and ecstatic pose drove netizens wild with excitement and admiration, evident in their sweet comments.

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2. Leather Pants On Flick

Angie Harmon gave off one of her most outrageous fashion blends in November 2021, hitting the street in a pair of chic leather pants and high boots. The shot showed the actress standing beside pal Amy Vermillion, with both women donning identical leather pants.

Harmon paired her iconic piece with a black long-sleeve top and purple boots adorned with flowery designs. She also rocked a set of over-the-top rings by Loree Rodkin. Fans had a field day gushing about the star’s get-up, which accentuated her timeless beauty.

3. Boss Lady

Commemorating her return to the Groundcrew Sound company in February 2021, Angie Harmon shared photos of herself donning some head-turning outfits. One of them showed the model rocking an oversized turtleneck cashmere underneath a black jacket.

She paired the attire with black and white patterned custom pants. Further accentuating the ensemble, Harmon rocked a pair of black boots, dark sunshades, and a matching Hermes bag. The overall effect of her get-up appeared straight out of a fashion magazine.

4. Halloween In Style

Another favorite picture handpicked from Harmon’s Instagram showed the icon clad in an all-black ensemble. The outfit comprised a long flowing lace gown worn over a black tights and high-heeled, pointy-toe boots.

Via caption, the star explained her ensemble was an attempt to impersonate singer Stevie Nick. The actress undoubtedly killed the look, with her inclusion of see-through mesh-net on the upper half of the gown making for a welcome stylish tweak.

5. Woman Crush

In a way only a fashion icon could, Angie Harmon transformed an everyday shirt into a fashion statement. A pics of her from 2019 showed the “End Game” star clad in a white button-down long-sleeved shirt worn over a blue mini skirt.

As a finishing touch, the star added a black belt around her waist, making her outfit anything but ordinary. Angie Harmon accessorized the outfit with a gem-studded necklace, red purse, and gold high-heels which teased her well-groomed feet.

6. A Touch Of Red

Sitting down with Tamara Mellon to discuss the significance of “leave him on read,” in 2018, Harmon made a statement with her glam outfit. Following her appearance on the show, the star gave fans a sneak-peak into her glamorous look on social media.

She shared a snap of herself donning a yellow satin tube dress while seated cross-legged on a red chair. The star paired the flowing gown with red high-heeled sandals that flattered her manicured nails. The overall look easily brought her modeling days to mind, taking years off her age.

7. Going In Style

Angie Harmon sure knows how to step out in style, and she never hesitates to do just that. Thankfully, she has her go-to store, Capitol on hand to ensure she “goes in style.”

The shopping boutique came true for the actress again in January 2018, giving a complete makeover. Harmon looked barely recognizable in a beige top, brown fleece jacket, and ripped denim pants.

She spiced up her looks with a pair of sunshades and a massive handbag she picked out from the fashion brand, Medium Rare. Sure enough, fans couldn’t get enough of the timeless handbag that could certainly fit all occasions.

8. A Glimpse Of The Noughties

Leotards never get old! And when paired with a ponytail hairdo and red hot gloves, they leave a lasting impression. One of the most memorable photos of Angie Harmon featured her seated with her legs parted on a pile of hay.

Contrasting with the hay-filled background, the actress donned a red V-neck top and a flowing black skirt pulled up to her knees to reveal the length of her black leotard boots. She styled her hair in a ponytail, which gave the then young model a fierce look reminiscent of the noughties.

9. Disney Princess

Another throwback look of the talented actress showed her clad in a thin-strapped ball gown that seemed straight out of a fairy tale. It featured a black leather bodice and red voluminous skirt with a touch of royalty.

10. Denim Chic

Angie Harmon rang in the Memorial Day weekend in 2015 with a memorable outfit that went on to become a fashion trend. A picture on social media showed the icon flaunting her long legs in a thigh-length denim shirt belted at the waist.

She paired this with black high-heels, a big handbag, and a pair of sunshades. Taking to her caption, she dedicated the post to all who gave their lives in service of their country. The post attracted thousands of likes from fans who sang odes to the actress and her ageless appearance.

Even at forty-nine, with three children, Harmon still radiates her youthful glow and vibrance. From playing fierce detectives in movies to hitting the red carpet in killer heels, the star has defied expectations in more ways than one.

These days, she’s had her hands full with several projects and coveted deals coming her way. Yet, she still manages to look glammed up at all times, while managing her career and motherhood. Angie Harmon’s years in the fashion world certainly paid off!

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