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Who Is Jim Jefferies’s Wife, Tasie Lawrence?

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We know our comedians always go for the prettiest women. Let’s take a peek into the celebrity life of Jim Jefferies’s wife.

Most of us know the Hollywood British singer, actress, and songwriter, Tara Lawrence, especially for her role in the TV show, House of Anubis but what most don’t know is that she is also Jim Jefferies’s wife. American comedy Jim Jefferies and his wife surprised fans when they announced their engagement in 2020. We could call Jim Jefferies a lucky man because his wife Tasie is one woman to reckon with; here’s all you need to know about Tasie Lawrence.

Jim Jefferies’s wife, Tasie Lawrence on the scene of Nickeleodon series 2The House of Anubis” (Source: Facebook)

Meeting Jim Jefferies’s Wife

Tasie Lawrence, whose real name is Anastasia Katya Breezy Dhanraj, is the wife of the American comedian Jim Jefferies. She is also a British actress, singer, and songwriter best known for her role as Mara Jaffray in the TV show House of Anubis.

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Jim Jefferies’s wife, Tasie was born in Brighton, England, on December 22, 1990, to parents Derek Dhanraj and Rebecca Sinnatt. Tasie is the eldest child of her parents and an older sister to Tasha Dhanraj. Though Tasie was born British, she is of Asian ethnicity. Her mother is English while her father is Guyanese.

Tasie Lawerence on the set of “The Resident” (Source: Facebook)

More About Tasie Lawrence

Jim Jefferies’s wife, Tasie Lawrence is a talented actress, singer, and songwriter who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. 

She attended the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, where she obtained a BA in music. She has always been passionate about the arts, and her education in music has undoubtedly helped shape her career as an actress and singer.

Tasie Lawrence’s Career

Before the actress went fully into acting, she was part of a girl trio dark pop band called the Woo Woos; however, she had to leave the band so she could focus on her acting.

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Tasie’s career in the entertainment industry started in 2011 with her role as Mara Jaffray in the popular TV show House of Anubis. She played the role of Mara for three seasons, from 2011 to 2013. Her performance in the show garnered critical acclaim and helped propel her into the limelight.

After leaving House of Anubis, Tasie appeared in several movies, including Everything Before Us, Tomato Soup, Good Kids, Public Disturbance, and Shoot Me Nicely. She also made a guest appearance in the TV movie Hieroglyph in 2014 and the TV show Criminal Minds in 2015.

In 2016, Tasie appeared in the TV movie Brothers in Atlanta and played the role of Chloe. She also appeared in the movie The Tower, where she played the character of Liz. The same year, Tasie left her music career with the dark pop rock band Woo Woos to focus on her acting career.

In 2018, Tasie landed a recurring role as Priya Nair in the TV show The Resident, which she still plays to date. The show has been a hit, and Tasie’s performance has been well-received by both critics and fans.

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Jim Jefferies’s wife, Tasie Lawerence getting her make-up done on set (Source: Facebook)

Tasie’s career has been growing steadily, and she has become a well-known actress in the entertainment industry especially since she became Jim Jefferies’s wife. She continues to showcase her talent and versatility in her roles, and her education in music has undoubtedly helped her develop her skills as a performer.

Meet Tasie Lawrence’s Husband: The Comedian and Actor Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies whose real name is Geoff James Nugent is a standup comedian and actor born in Sydney on 14 February 1977 to a father who were a cabinet maker and a mother who was a substitute teacher. Like his wife Tasie Lawrence, Jim Jefferies has dual citizenship as an Australian and American.

Jim moved to Perth to study musical theater and classical music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. However, he dropped out several months before graduation to become a standup comedian.

Jim’s career has blossomed over the years after he was attacked in 2017 while performing at the Manchester Comedy Festival. A blessing in disguise. Jefferies has performed at festivals such as Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Just for Laughs, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Reading and Leeds Festivals, and Glastonbury Festival.

He has appeared on shows like The World Stands Up, Comedy Blue, and Edinburgh and Beyond for Comedy Central. He has also acted in films such as Me and My Mates vs the Zombie Apocalypse. Jefferies is set to star in the upcoming sitcom Jefferies and currently hosts the I Don’t Know About That podcast.

Relationship History of Jim Jefferies and Tasie Lawrence

In 2013, before Tasie Lawrence and Jim Jefferies became an item, Lawrence was in a relationship with the British actor Bobby Lockwood. However, the two were very private about their relationship. Even when they broke up later, they didn’t share why with the public. 

Later in 2019, rumors about her having a lover circulated, but the actress played it cool. Some speculated her lover must be Jim Jefferies, knowing how close the two were. Like Lawrence, Jim Jefferies had a past romantic relationship (with Kate Lyuben), though his own led to the birth of a child.

Tasie Lawerence Settles As Jim Jefferies’s Wife

In 2019, while the rumors of Lawrence’s relationship status circulated, Jim Jefferies revealed he was dating a British lady while on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Lawrence was the first of the pair to spread the word about their relationship. On May 3, 2019, she shared a picture of herself and Jefferies. she captioned the post with a red heart that matched her red dress.

In 2020, the actress shocked her fans by announcing her marriage to Jefferies. She posted an adorable photo of them kissing on Instagram. Many of their fans poured out congratulatory messages on them and wished them a blissful marriage.

Lawrence and Jefferies enjoyed their new marriage for a year before taking it to the next level. In April 2021, Lawrence documented her growing baby bump on Instagram. Then, in July 2021, she celebrated her baby shower.

The couple welcomed their first child, Charlie Jefferies, in early 2021, although the precise date is unknown. In September 2021, Lawrence shared photos of her son for the first time in honor of her and Jefferies’ anniversary. She also praised Jefferies’ parenting skills with his first child from his previous relationship. She added that she knew he would be “the best dad” to theirs.

Today, Jim Jefferies and Tasie Lawrence live with their child in their home. Though to protect her child’s right to privacy, Lawrence doesn’t appear in public with her kids. She doesn’t share photos of them on social media. She also avoids being photographed with them because, as Anne Hathaway found out the hard way, publicity can be toxic for celebrities’ kids.

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