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The Real Reason Anne Hathaway Refrains From Sharing Photos of Her Son

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Anne Hathaway is a doting mom to son, Johnathan, and his brother Jack Rosebanks, both of whom remain unknown to the public in terms of appearances.

It’s been two years since Anne Hathaway was first spotted with a stroller indicating the arrival of her second son. It’s also been two years since the world had the privilege of learning the baby’s gender and name. Yet, it appears that’s all we get from the usually private actress, who is a mother of two.

Unlike most celebrities who unrepentantly gush about their kids on social media and share their every milestone, the “Ella Enchanted’ actress seems more guarded.

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Since the onset of her motherhood journey five years back, the star has barely shared photos of her kids or made them available to the public. And that’s saying a lot, given Anne Hathaway has not one son, but two, who are growing up embroiled in their mom’s Hollywood fame.

To some, this might seem like Hathaway’s usual move of secrecy (after all, her wedding photos were the best-kept secret in town before she auctioned them for charity).

However, the actress has a somewhat relatable motivation behind keeping her family affairs, especially her kids, out of the spotlight. Curious like the rest of the world to find out why? You’re in the right place.

Why Does Anne Hathaway Never Share Her Sons’ Photos?

For the two-time mom, who admittedly had no motherhood game plan from the onset but simply “went with the flow,” resolving not to post about her kids was not a decision that came easily.

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Contrariwise, like every other new mom, Anne Hathaway was all too excited to post about her son Jonathan Rosebanks following his birth.

But when she did, it kind of blew up in her face, forcing the icon to refrain from posting any more shots of her children.

How Exactly Did Things Turn Awry?

Following the birth of her first son, Johnathan Rosebanks in 2016, Anne Hathaway kept her life with her only son private. For almost a year, she never posted about him on the gram nor made public appearances with his face visible.

Finally, in March 2017, the actress decided to make an exception, sharing the first picture of Johnathan on her Instagram page ahead of his first birthday.

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The pic featured the young lad backing the camera while watching Hathaway’s U.N speech on  International Women’s Day from a laptop.

Despite the baby’s face not being visible in the shot, the media soon went wild, making the then-toddler the subject of speculative headlines. The unsolicited media attention almost blew out of proportion, with many attempting to acquire clearer pictures.

That made the star realize such publicity was unhealthy for her kid’s growth and wellbeing. Anne Hathaway resolved then never to post about her son or any other kids she welcomed in the future.

Anne Hathaway Regretted Posting Her Son

Hathaway has been open about the impact of that experience on her parenting choices so far. During an interview, the “Princess Diaries” star admitted she instantly regretted sharing that shot of the back of her son’s head.

According to her, the public reaction to the picture made her feel she “had broken some kind of seal” and ultimately, invited the public into her life. Sadly, not even retracting the shot could fix it.

Her perception of social media changed ever since. The private actress now realizes how simple posts could be construed freely by the media once they are put out there. She reflected:

“Because of the time we live in, I think words and pictures are carrying a much greater weight. Or much less depending on how you engage with it.”

On her part, she chooses not to engage at all or entertain the picture-sharing practice once it involves her children.

Anne Hathaway Stuck To Her Resolve

Three years after her mindset-changing experience with social media, Anne Hathaway welcomed her second son Jack Rosebanks. This time around, she ensured she made good of her resolve to keep her family affairs private, even keeping her pregnancy a secret.

The Hollywood idol hid the pregnancy until July 2020, when she announced she was expecting via an Instagram post. Via the post, which showed her baby bump, Hathaway admitted she never intended to reveal the pregnancy that soon.

However, she decided to break the news herself after noticing someone take a picture of her unawares. The mom also went candid about how difficult it was for her to finally conceive, also detailing her fertility struggles.

Months later, Anne Hathaway welcomed her baby secretly. The news only got out after photos of the actress pushing a baby stroller surfaced in December 2020.

Yet, nothing was known about the child’s name or gender, until she was overheard referring to the baby as “him” while showing off his photos to fellow attendees. Ten months later, she name-dropped him during an interview.

Some Sneak-Shots of her Kids Have Leaked

Despite Hathaway’s decision, she has been spotted out and about with her kids. Ultimately, some photos of the duo have managed to make it to the tabloids on occasions.

In March 2021, the award winner and her family were pictured while heading to dinner in Santa Monica. The photos showed the star carrying Jack in her arms as Johnathan strolled beside his dad.

More recently, the family seemed to enjoy a more lavish outing in a unique destination in Rome. Photos of Anne Hathaway carrying her youngest son Jack in her arms flooded news headlines.

Mysteriously, none of these paparazzi shots seems to have a clear view of the children’s faces. The snaps either seem taken from a wrong angle or are significantly blurred out.

This goes to show the 39-year-old goes to lengths to protect her kids’ privacy and ensure it stays that way. Who could blame the mom-of-two, given how much she endured before finally becoming a mom.

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