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Everything We Know About Lori Harvey’s Mom, Marjorie Harvey

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Marjorie Harvey, Lori Harvey’s mom has proven herself a multi-talented woman who took parenting to new heights while being an amazing wife.

Lori Harvey became one of the youngest entrepreneurs to walk the earth when she launched her skincare line in 2021. The brand, SKIN by LH received a positive reception as expected.

This is hardly surprising given how many have come to idolize the starlet, whose natural beauty and flawless skin have left fans drooling for years.

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Hence, jumping into a product she swears by, and even champions to achieve similar pristine looks seem like a no-brainer.

Yet, Lori failed to take all the credits for her newest black business. Speaking to interviewers in the wake of her product launch the model credited her mom with inspiring her to establish the skincare line.

She revealed that right from her childhood, her admiration for her mom’s beautiful and healthy skin informed her obsession with developing an effective beauty regimen.

After years of surfing through her mother’s skincare products and some personal research, it appears Lori finally came up with the right formula to achieve that beautiful glow.

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While Lori Harvey’s skincare line is taking over the market, the remarkable feat also brings the woman behind the product’s inspiration into the limelight.

Looking to find out more about Marjorie Harvey? Here is all we know about the proud mom besides her healthy glow, age-defying looks, and obvious connection to Lori Harvey.

Who Is Lori Harvey’s Mom Marjorie Harvey?

Marjorie Elaine Harvey is the mother of a 25-year-old model and media sensation Lori Harvey and the wife of comedian Steve Harvey. She landed the planet on October 10, 1964, making her 55-year-old as of May 2022.

The African-American icon was born to mother Doris BriCareer and prefers keeping silent about her dad’s identity. She grew up in Memphis, Tennessee with her parents and brother before enrolling at the University of Memphis.

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Marjorie eventually dropped out of college and proceeded to gear off the pursuit of her fashion dreams.

What Does Lori Harvey’s Mom Do?

Lori Harvey certainly picked up her multi-talent from her mom. Marjorie is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, fashion blogger, and Instagram sensation.

She is also the founder of Lady Loves Couture and runs a non-profit organization for youth named “The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation” alongside her husband.

The fashionista kicked off her career through her fashion blog, “The Lady Loves Couture,” in 2007. Via the blog, Marjorie shared fashion tips, her take on women empowerment, glimpses into her life as a fashionista, and basic etiquette guidelines.

As an entrepreneur, she launched the online shopping sites, “Marjorie Harvey Handbags”?and “Marjorie Harvey Closet,” through which she promotes and sells her fashion items.

Marjorie Has Been Married Twice

Although best known as Steve Harvey’s wife and mom to Lori Harvey, Marjorie was once married to someone else. The businesswoman was previously married to Jim Townsend, later convicted for attempting to buy cocaine with intent to distribute.

Marjorie somehow found herself entangled in the mess following his 1992 arrest. The FBI and DEA investigated her on suspicion of involvement in Townsend’s drug dealings in the 90s.

In 2017, former US president Barack Obama reprimanded him, cutting short his life sentence. Following his release, Townsend wrote a memoir detailing his life of crime and marriage to Marjorie.

Prior to the book’s release, he threatened to expose his ex-wife and her involvement in the crime.

Marjorie Harvey’s Relationship With Steve

Although they have been married for fourteen years, Marjorie and Steve Harvey’s relationship go way back. The pair first met in 1990, during one of the comedian’s shows where he vowed to make her his wife.

The duo dated for a bit but went their separate ways eventually. They reunited years later, after each experienced failed marriages.

Steve and Marjorie tied the knot in 2007 and have enjoyed marital bliss ever since. When asked how they’ve held on strong for so long, Steve once divulged:

“I married a person who was already happy, and I’m innately happy. So we don’t have to make each other happy. We can just complement each other’s happiness.”

Going further, the comedian explained that they refrained from bringing up exes or nursing fond memories from their lives before meeting each other.

How Many Kids Does Marjorie Harvey Have?

Aside from Lori Harvey who she welcomed in 1997 following the divorce from Townsend, Marjorie has two biological children from previous relationships. Following her marriage to Steve, Marjorie Harvey embraced his four kids from his three previous marriages as well.

The couple eventually blended their family, with Steve adopting Marjorie’s three children and giving them his last name. After blending their family, the Instagram star became a mother of-seven and has remained a great mom to all her kids.

What Is The Net Worth of Lori Harvey’s Mom?

According to Celebritynetworth, Marjorie Harvey has a net worth of $50 million. She earned this impressive figure through her numerous ventures.

While the icon has undoubtedly kept busy these past years growing her career and online persona, she has spared time to be actively involved in her kids’ lives.

She once advised her daughter Lori against dating rappers and athletes. But Lori has repeatedly gone against her mom’s preferences, dating football star Memphis Depay and rappers like Trey Songz and Future.

Recently though, the former child star Lori Harvey seems to take a hint from her mom. She confirmed her relationship with “Black Panther” actor Michael B. Jordan in 2020 and has sustained the romance since then.

After years of soaring the dating waters and wreaking havoc on relationship tabloids, Lori finally opted for someone who fell within her mom’s specifications.

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