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Is EJ Johnson Magic Johnson’s Son? Inside the NBA Legend’s Relationship With His Kids

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While EJ Johnson is not Magic Johnson’s only son, the “RKOBH” star’s relationship with his dad appears to be the most complicated within the Johnson family.

Magic Johnson is widely described as the greatest basketball player of all time thanks to his magical days on the court. Although short-lived, his stint as a basketball player was enough to make his mark on the planet.

Hence, when the legend welcomed a son in 1992, many naturally expected the newborn to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become the next best thing in NBA history.

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Yet, EJ Johnson took a path the world didn’t see coming. He grew up without a care for basketball, gravitating instead towards fashion. Then there was his physique, which wasn’t exactly athletic even though he inherited the height.

The revelation of EJ’s gay status in 2013 and his casting on “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills,” came as the final shocker to the world, crumbling any hope of the socialite ever pursuing a sports career.

Watching EJ deviate from the future fanatics laid out for him even before his birth, many couldn’t help but ask, “Is EJ Johnson Magic Johnson’s biological son?”

The indisputable answer is yes. EJ is Magic’s second son, and the only biological child born to the basketball great and his wife Cookie Johnson. The couple, who have been together for three decades also share adopted daughter Elisa Johnson.

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With so much drama centering around the famous family, mostly owing to EJ’s sexuality, one can’t help but wonder how it has affected Magic Johnson’s relationship dynamics with his son.

Does Magic Johnson Have A Good Relationship With EJ?

There is no denying that the relationship dynamic between Magic Johnson and his son EJ was strained at some point, especially while the retired athlete was trying to come to terms with his son’s preferences.

However, the father-son duo has since hugged it out, with Magic finally accepting the young man for who he was, and is proud to see him accept and love himself.

The two now share a beautiful relationship and have been there for each other over the years, as with the rest of the family.

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Magic Johnson’s Reaction To EJ’s Sexuality

Long before coming out to the world, EJ revealed his gay status to his close friends, and then his family. Ideally, his family proved to be the tougher nut to crack.

Before deeming himself ready to come out, EJ’s mom Cookie already knew from years of observing him. After trying hard to keep their son’s secret away from her husband, they finally decided to come clean.

During their appearance on “Red Table Talk,” EJ and Cookie recalled the memorable day. They revealed Magic handled the news poorly, lashing out at his son.

EJ and Cookie Johnson appear on "Red Table Talk" | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Although the mom of two understood he was coming from a place of love and concern, she was unhappy with magic’s conduct. Thanks to Cookie’s words of wisdom, Magic understood the error of his ways and realized EJ needed his acceptance and support.

Soon enough, he apologized to his son over his outburst and they both shed tears, knowing what the future held. Despite having their moment together, their relationship thereon remained somewhat labored as Magic struggled to come to terms with EJ’s sexuality.

The pair finally mended their relationship for good following the fashionista’s move to college. EJ recalled Magic visiting him at NYU, where they shared a deep hug that held many unspoken promises. They knew at that moment things were going to be okay. They have remained close ever since.

Magic Johnson’s Relationship With His Son Changed Him

The basketball great has been open about his earlier dreams for his son, admitting he wanted him to play sports. However, reality dawned on him when he began noticing the LGBTQ activist cherish dolls and play dress-up as a child.

For the longest time, Magic attempted to influence his son’s preferences, forcing him to do away with the girly things. However, that only pushed him away further, as EJ resorted to embracing his feminine side behind his dad’s back.

Fast-forward to over two decades later, the NBA legend has become more open-minded and receptive to his son’s sexual orientation.

Magic Johnson credits his son EJ with helping him reach this point. During a 2022 interview, the icon revealed his son changed him for good. He reflected:

“As I grew older, as my wife talked to me, I couldn’t judge EJ. I had to accept who he was and who he wanted to be. He actually helped me get there because he was so proud.”

Over time, the star has come to appreciate that change and embrace their new relationship dynamics.

He Has Since Been Supportive

Since accepting his son, Magic Johnson has remained supportive, standing by EJ at every turn.

Following EJ’s coming out in 2013, Magic stepped forward in a show of support for the then-20-year-old. Speaking to news outlets at the time, the father of three commended his son for being brave enough to share his truth with the world.

He also declared his love for the youngster adding he was behind him one million percent. Thanks to his family’s support, what happened to Magic Johnson’s son afterwards was a remarkable transformation into the confident, outspoken fashionista we now know.

Magic’s open support of his gay son has inspired other celebrities with kids to embrace their children’s sexual orientation.

Magic’s Relationship With His Other kids

EJ Johnson is not the only child of the legend to enjoy his boundless love and support. The icon has two other kids, including his first son, Andre from a previous relationship, and daughter Elisa.

The two kids share an admirable relationship with their dad, posting about him on their social media pages. Magic also returns the favor, flooding his social media pages with photos of his kids and gushing about his love for them in his captions.

Magic Johnson’s kids may not have inherited their dad’s basketball prowess, but they uphold his legacy in other ways.

EJ for one has embraced his dad’s resilience, determination and ability to hold his head up and love himself in the face of strife, judgement and criticism.

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