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Anne Hathaway’s Take on Motherhood, Parenting and having Another Baby

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As someone who’s had a baby twice, Anne Hathaway has some hands-on experiences in the motherhood game, as well as tips to help other moms ace theirs.

Anne Hathaway welcomed her second baby in 2019, three years after the arrival of her first son Johnathan Rosebanks Shulman. Like every mom, the star found motherhood and parenting fulfilling and exciting.

However, it was not always smooth-sailing for the star, who has encountered some daunting moments throughout her journey.

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Surpassing these hurdles is what truly makes that journey an experience to cherish. Ultimately, the 39-year-old has picked up a handful of useful tricks so far, which not only serve as a guide to her but also to other moms who idolize her.

From the dangers of posting her kids on social media to learning from the royals, let’s dig into everything Anne Hathaway has said about motherhood, parenting and adding a new baby to her brood.

What Does Hathaway Think Of Life As A Mom?

Despite openly admitting parenting was hard work, the proud mom never shies away from it and might think twice before passing off an opportunity to walk down the path again. She has made no secret of that fact, dropping a series of touching quotes about motherhood throughout her parenting journey.

Admittedly, Hathaway’s life as a mother has not always been a positive experience, but she manages to make it work. This has helped the star maintain her sanity and cultivate the ideal environment for her kids to grow up.

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Anne Hathaway’s Take On Motherhood

Hathaway is known for keeping her sons’ names out of the tabloids at all costs. But when it comes to dishing on her experiences as a mom, there is no stopping her.

In February 2022, the “Colossal” star gave one of her most insightful interviews, baring her motherhood experiences. She pointed out the flaw in people’s tendency to portray pregnancy and having kids as “all positive.”

Anne Hathaway carrying her baby | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Going further, the star explained motherhood was much more complicated. It involved not only happy moments but moments of pain and grief which make one feel isolated. However, understanding that the negative feelings were part of life, rather than being ashamed of it makes all the difference.

Hathaway also went candid about the impact of motherhood in her life and how it’s changed her mindset. According to her, she never felt “fully landed and fully here” until she became a mom.

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Previously, the Academy award-winner opened up about another negative emotion most moms could relate to – the mommy guilt.

Hathaway described mommy guilt as “invented nonsense” women only experience because society encourages them to judge each other. Gladly, she realized this early in her motherhood journey and has learned to focus all that energy on institutions failing in their duties to support women.

Hathaway’s Take On Parenting

Anne Hathaway also has a handful of parenting hacks up her sleeves and has applied them in raising her kids. One that has surely come in handy is a little trick most parents are familiar with.

During a 2021 sitdown with Jimmy Fallon, the “WeCrash” star admitted she often got her son to behave by dishing out Santa threats. It worked wonders for the star, whose sons are aged six and two respectively.

Anne Hathaway and Adam.Shulman Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

She has also been open about her affinity for keeping things simple. Her tendency to have things work out naturally and ensure simplicity led her to come up with a parenting checklist comprising four important questions. She once quipped:

“The Day Begins with a checklist. Is he breathing? Is he healthy? Is he growing? Is he thriving? If I get four yeses, it’s really hard to upset my day.”

In addition to her effective parenting hacks, Hathaway has picked up something from the British royals. The star once admitted to inculcating Prince William and Kate Middleton’s parenting practice in her kids’ upbringing.

She thought it cool that the Cambridge royals always got down to the child’s level to speak to them eye to eye. Hathaway believes such a gesture makes the child feel empowered and has taken to doing that with her kids.

What Anne Hathaway Thinks About Having Another Baby

While Anne Hathaway is content having her two sons to dote on, she has not entirely ruled out the idea of having another baby. During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The 39-year-old hinted at the possibility of that happening.

She revealed she was open to the idea of expanding her family, but always developed cold feet each time she remembered the world was a scary place.

Meanwhile, Hathaway, who has been open about her fertility struggles, is content letting her two sons remain her babies for as long as possible.

Anne Hathaway holding a baby | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Taking a page out of her parent’s parenting nuggets, “The Witches” star understands that her kids had all the time in the world to accomplish everything they wanted, but could only be children this once.

Equipped with that knowledge and the ability to understand what she wants out of life, Hathaway is in the best position to decide whether a family expansion was in the books for her or not. Meanwhile, she remains a doting mom to her two kids and enjoys her lasting marriage to Adam Shulman.

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