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All You Need To Know About Archie Heaton, Charlie Heaton’s Love Child

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Archie Heaton was born to “Stranger Things” star Charlie Heaton and his then-lover and former Comanechi bandmate Akiko Matsuura. The pair were little more than teenagers when they started a relationship that led to the conception and birth of their son. 

Charlie acknowledged the child as his; however, when he suddenly found himself famous thanks to his role in the hit series, he never brought him up. 

He kept news of his son Archie Keaton well hidden for years. But as his fame grew, so did interest in him until it eventually became something he could not hide. Some suspect he is hiding something else these days, like a marriage. 

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Introducing Archie Heaton: The Boy Charlie Hid Away 

Archie was born in late 2014 after Akiko accidentally got pregnant in May of the same year. Charlie was 20, and it was around that time they formed part of the band Comanechi. 

Charlie had Archie with Akiko before he was catapulted into fame by “Stranger Things,” and he chose to keep knowledge of his child under wraps. The talented actor hid the news until 2017, when it became impossible.

His character in “Stranger Things” had caught the attention of many, and as time passed, interest in his personal life grew. 

It is unclear why news of his child with Akiko came out when it did. However, many reports claim it may have had to do with his blossoming fame. 

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Archie Heaton Does Not Get Frequent Visits From Charlie

Charlie and Akiko no longer love each other now; however, they maintain a cordial relationship with each other for their son’s sake. 

Archie Heaton now stays with his mother, Akiko, who has custody of him. Unfortunately, the pressures of filming have been keeping Charlie away from his son, so he does not see him regularly. 

The actor is currently focused on his career but is believed to be looking forward to when he will have enough time to start seeing his son more. 

Charlie Has A New Woman In His Life 

Charlie Heaton met the woman he is currently dating, Natalia Dyer, on the set of “Stranger Things.” They have been dating for several years now. 

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Speculation on what was going on between the pair started in late 2016. However, nothing was certain until they made their first red-carpet appearance together at the SAG Awards in 2017. 

Since then, they have been seen together at a variety of events. In January 2018, Charlie was observed sending her birthday tributes on Instagram. Then later that month they presented an award on stage in London at the 2018 National Television Awards. 

Later that year, in April, Charlie and Dyer were seen at the Coachella Music Festival looking very much in love. In 2019, Dyer revealed what it felt like working alongside Charlie, whose character just so happens to be her boyfriend in “Stranger Things.” 

She said:

“It’s always really fun. We’re really comfortable with each other, so we can play and feel more free…”

The pair have kept up appearances, and things look to be getting more serious between them. 

Is Charlie Heaton Hiding His Marriage To Natalia Dyer?

Charlie hiding his son Archie’s existence for as long as he did is proof that the actor can be quiet when he wants to be. Knowing this, it is easier to suspect him of having secretly married Dyer. 

Rumors claiming the pair are married started to spread after Charlie called her “the wife” while promoting “Stranger Things” fourth season.

He and other cast members of the show, which has been dubbed one of the most streamed Netflix shows, had been gathered to play with puppies for a BuzzFeed interview. 

Towards the end of the interview, Charlie confessed that he would love to adopt one of the puppies but couldn’t. He allegedly had a flight to catch right after.

One of the BuzzFeed employees said it wouldn’t be harmed by a flight, but he said he would speak to “the wife.”

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It got tongues wagging as many suspected it was confirmation he was indeed hiding his marriage to Dyer. Neither Charlie nor Dyer has said anything about marriage.

However, given how close they’re getting, marriage may not be far from their minds. 

Once the filming pressure on the pair reduces, Archie may not only have a famous father around. He may have a famous step-mom too. 

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