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Who Is Broderick Harvey Jr.? Everything We Know About Steve Harvey’s First Son

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Broderick Harvey Jr. has had an incredible life and career. Among Steve Harvey’s kids, Broderick will inarguably pass as the one with his genetic and mental structure.

As the first son of the legendary TV personality, he had a big shoe to fill, and he has done well so far. Today, Broderick Harvey Jr. is celebrated in every industry he has contributed to, from fashion to entertainment to charity.

Broderick Harvey Jr. (Source: Instagram/@bharv/)

Broderick Harvey’s Early Life and Background

Steve Harvey’s first son, Broderick, was born on April 29, 1991, and was named after his father, Harvey. He grew up with his mum in Cleveland and his sisters following her split with Steve Harvey in 1994. However, he moved to Atlanta to live with his father full-time when he turned 16.

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Though his mother disapproved of the idea initially, she still allowed him to go because Broderick showed responsibility and honor even as a kid. The 16-year-old Broderick told his mother he needed his father’s presence.

During his appearance on his father’s talk show in May 2019, Broderick explained his relationship with his dad growing up. He said: “I didn’t have my dad full-time until I was 16.” Steve Harvey, in response, also said that he regretted having spent his entire life trying to make up for his mistakes as a young man, including making his kids second choice for all the time he did.

Steve Harvey and his first son, Broderick Harvey Jr. (Source: Instagram/@bharv)

Broderick was involved in art throughout high school, including North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs, Georgia, where he played basketball and soccer. He obtained a degree in Arts at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated in 2014. 

It is unclear if Broderick is romantically in a relationship with anyone, as he has kept such information private. He seems primarily focused on running his fashion label, personal, and father’s businesses. 

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Broderick’s Multifaceted Career and Legacy

Following his degree from Morehouse College, Broderick worked as a ticket coordinator for NuOpp Inc in 2015 before shifting focus full-time on his photography business, B. Harv Photography. He also serves as an administrator at Harvey Charity Foundation, which supports youth education and the education of the less fortunate. He also works at his father’s film and T.V. production company, East 112th Street Productions.

Entrepreneurship runs in the Harveys and, most significantly, in Broderick. Broderick Harvey Jnr has extensive investment in fashion design and is a celebrated fashion designer. He is the founder of the Need Money Not Friends fashion label. In 2015, he also started a shoe company, Steps By Stephens, which helped fight hunger by donating three meals to a child in need for every pair sold.

Broderick Harvey Jr. (Source: Pinterest)

He is also a renowned TV and film producer. He has worked on several movies as a producer, including “Think Like a Man” (2012), a popular romantic comedy. Broderick was the executive producer for the film through his production company, Hartbeat Productions. Indeed, Broderick is a different kind of celebrity kid exuding energy, dedication, and passion.

Can Broderick Fill Steve Harvey’s Big Shoes?

As the first son in a family where ‘family’ means everything, Broderick has excelled at filling those shoes. Can he follow his father’s legacy by being a true family man? The question remains unanswered.

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Steve, his father, has been married thrice in his 66 years. His first wife was Marcia, Broderick, and his twin sisters’ mom. Following his divorce from Marcia, he married Mary Lee, and the pair also divorced in 2005. His current wife is Marjorie Harvey, whom he married in 2007.

Steve adopted all three of Majorie’s children from her former relationships, and they have remained family since then. These three marriages produced seven children for Steve, and he has been excellent in pulling all his children together as a “blended family.”

Steve Harvey and his blended family (Source: Pinterest)

Despite so much trouble and rough patches, Steve managed to pull a family together, and today, he is still working through all the emotions and expectations. The TV legend was asked his reason for choosing fatherhood, and he responded, saying, “Family is my reason why. I work to leave a legacy and hopefully [make] the world a better place for them.”

Undoubtedly, Steve has exceeded even his expectations as a man and father. However, whether Broderick can exceed those remains to be seen.

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