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Who Is Kevin Gates’ Mom? Meet Martha Green Gates

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A mother and her son’s bond is unbreakable, and the love is unconditional. The same is true for Kevin Gates’ mom and her son. Kevin, an American rapper, and vocalist, is also known as Kevin Jerome Gilyard.

He was born on February 5, 1986, in Louisiana, USA. Kevin Gates rose to prominence and gained millions of fans worldwide after he released his debut album in 2016. The album, “Isaiah,” debuted at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart. 

The famous rapper did not have a father-son relationship with his dad as he lost connection to him at a young age. Although he reconnected with his father as a teenager, his dad passed away from AIDS-related complications when Kevin was 14. The famous rapper, however, grew up with his mom.

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A picture of Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates (Source: Instagram/@iamkevingates)

Consequently, he showers his mom with praise in many of his lyrics and interviews, which has begged the question, who is Kevin Gates’ mom? Fans are curious to know more about the famous rapper’s early life and his mom’s identity. 

So, who is Kevin Gates’ mom?

Meet Kevin Gates’ Mother 

Martha Green Gates is Kevin Gates’ mom. There are rumors that Martha’s real name is Lucille Gilyard, while others say she is Martha Green Gates. However, her official name is Martha Green Gates, and it is not a name you hear often in the mainstream media.

However, she played a significant role in shaping her son’s career. There are no details regarding most of her early life and childhood, but according to reports, Martha Green Gates was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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The identity of her parents remains a mystery, but she was raised in a loving home by her parents. Additionally, we can assume she had a similar childhood to most people born in Baton Rouge at the same time.

A picture of Kevin Gates' mom
Kevin Gates’ mom, Martha Gates. (Source: Pinterest)

There’s no information about Martha Gates and her family aside from the fact that she is the mother of the famous rapper. It is also unknown where she is now and what she does. However, there are reports that Kevin Gates‘ mom remarried.

Was Martha Gates Married?

Kevin Gates’ mom was married to Kevin Gilyard Snr. The pair met while they were in high school and fell in love. Their love blossomed intensely. After dating for several years, the love birds tied the knot and eventually started a family together.

Marriage, for some, is a bed of roses, but for Martha, it was a bed of thorns. After their nuptials, they had three children together, including Kevin Gates and reality set in soon enough.

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Unfortunately, raising the kids became a struggle for Martha Green Gates as she was left alone to raise three children. While her husband struggled with addiction, Kevin Gates’ mom faced unspoken hardship and struggles. Despite the difficulties in her marriage, Martha remained committed to her family. She worked hard to provide a stable home for her children. 

How Did Kevin Gates’ Mom Influence His Career?

Martha Gates’ resilience and commitment to raising her children were vital in shaping Kevin’s career. Her values and worldviews significantly influence her son’s life and career. Kevin Gates’ mom was her children’s primary caregiver and did a remarkable job. She instilled the importance of hard work and determination in them, as seen in her Kevin Gates’ music.

In addition to being Kevin Gates’ mom, Martha is also a big fan and supporter of Kevin. He often talks about his mother’s support through the years, and he can’t help but praise her for her sacrifices.

Kevin Gates (Source: Instagram/@iamkevingates)

Kevin acknowledges that his mom has always been his emotional support system. He noted how she was there for him through his darkest hours, even in prison. The musician always thanks his mom for her unconditional love and support.

Kevin Gates is an American rapper famous for his storytelling songs. His songs revolve around his story as a street teenager determined to make the best of himself despite finding himself in a world full of vices. The famous rapper’s songs are a reflection of his street survival experience. 

While Kevin loves his mom and greatly adores her, he missed out on a relationship with his father, who passed away when he was fourteen. However, Kevin Gates has a family now and enjoys every bit of fatherhood with his wife and children. 

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