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What Happened to Atila Altaunbay, the Controversial Bodyguard-Turned-Boss-Husband?

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Meet Atila Altaunbay, famous for his controversial relationship with Hollywood megastar Grace Jones. Sadly, things didn’t end well with him.

Atila Altaunbay, though an actor, wasn’t famous for his talent. It was his love life that paved the way for him. Grace Jones, his boss-turned-wife, was and is still a big name in the entertainment world. Her being a part of his life was his ticket to fame, and he took it.

Grace Jones, also known as Grace Beverly Jones, hails from Jamaica and is renowned as a Jamaican mannequin. On May 19, 1948, she entered this world in the Spanish Town of Jamaica to parents named Mr. Robert W. Jones and Marjorie.

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Grace gained widespread recognition in the ’70s for her extraordinary style and melodic vocals. She was one of the most prominent and buzzworthy celebrities at that time. Initially embarking on a career in modeling, she later expanded her horizons to encompass music and acting. She still captures hearts today.

Atila and Grace Jones (Source: Pinterest)

Love has a mysterious way of finding us, and Grace discovered it in the form of Atila, her bodyguard. Their union caused quite a commotion.

However, their marriage, which made headlines initially, proved short-lived as the estranged couple eventually went their separate ways, albeit without obtaining an official divorce. While Atila’s marriage and subsequent separation from Grace have continued to keep him in the public eye, little is mentioned about his endeavors in the entertainment industry.

Atila Altaunbay’s Early Life and Education

Regarding Atila’s early life and education, little is known. However, it is established that he was born in Turkey in 1976 and belonged to a Muslim family. Although his birth occurred in Turkey, Atila spent a significant portion of his early years in Belgium.

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Atila Altaunbay prefers not to disclose information about his parents, as he believes such disclosure could lead to unwanted media interference in their lives. Till today, Atila is popularly known as Grace Jones’s ex-husband.

Atila pursued his formal education in his hometown in Turkey, dedicating a brief period to his studies. He moved on to acquire formal training in CPR, AED, martial arts, and other physically demanding aspects pertinent to his profession as a bodyguard.

Ailaunbay’s wife (Source: Instagram/@gracejonesofficial)

Atila Altaunbay’s Career

Atila’s professional journey began in Belgium, where he worked as a pizza delivery boy. At that time, he was holding a position at a security agency. Upon garnering recognition from Grace, his career took off.

He assumed the role of Grace Jones’ bodyguard and eventually fell in love with her. Their relationship lasted but only for a while. His attachment to Grace gave him opportunities as he also engaged in modeling and appeared in a few movies.

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Atila Altaunbay’s Marriage to Grace Jones

Grace Beverly Jones met Atila Altaunbay in Belgium, where Grace personally requested his services as her bodyguard. It was rumored that Grace had a thing with dating her bodyguards. However, her relationship with Atila seemed different as she proposed marriage to him four months after they met.

On February 24, 1996, the couple exchanged vows in a discreet ceremony held in a private residence within the Presbyterian Ministry Area of Rio de Janeiro. Only 50 guests were present. They had their honeymoon in New York.

However, Atila’s marriage to Grace drove a massive hole in his relationship with his family. This was because the eldest sibling in his Turkish Muslim family was expected to marry first rather than the youngest. As the youngest son in his family, Atila’s marriage contravened established norms, leading to a strained relationship with his relatives.

Nonetheless, he cut ties with his family and began a new life with his wife, Grace, in Brazil. Atila was 21 years old when he married Grace Jones, while Jones herself was 48 years old at the time. This age difference amounted to 27 years between the couple.

What Happened to Atila Altaunbay’s Marriage to Grace?

As earlier stated, Atila’s marriage to Grace didn’t last long. After eight years, the couple went their separate ways though they never got a divorce. Grace candidly revealed the reasons behind their estrangement during a TV interview. 

Grace Jones (Source: Instagram/@gracejonesofficial)

She said they argued about her interactions with other men. The situation escalated when Atila, in a fit of rage, brandished a knife and threatened her life, solidifying the breaking point. Before this incident, their relationship had been strained for some time, and this threat became the definitive moment.

After the altercation, Atila abruptly left Grace’s residence and never returned. Despite Grace’s attempts to locate him, he remained hidden without a formal divorce decree. The Turkish bodyguard and model have been involved in a few controversies, with his insecurities and violent tendencies being critical focal points.

His sudden disappearance from public view only fueled speculation, as many believe he was deliberately hiding to avoid facing the consequences of his misconduct. The former couple didn’t have a child together. However, Atila used to act as the father of Grace Jones’ son with her ex-lover. No one knows where Atila Altaunbay is, although there are rumors he went back to his family.

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