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Kevin Gates Has a Son Named Khaza Kamil Gates: He Named an Album After Him

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Khaza Kamil Gates is Kevin Gates’ Son. The rapper welcomed him with his longtime partner Dreka. 

Kevin is famous for his musical prowess, with hits like “2 Phones” and “Really Really.” However, most people don’t know that Dreka has been with him for most of it. 

Kevin Gates posing with Dreka
Kevin Gates and Dreka posing together (Source: Pinterest)

She only started getting noticed after being featured several times in Kevin’s music videos. Fans got curious about who she was, and when many found out about their enduring love story, they started rooting for the pair. 

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Their romance led to the birth of Kevin Gates’ son Khaza Kamil Gates and his sibling, Islah. 

What We Know About Khaza Kamil Gates, Kevin Gates’ Son

Khaza Kamil Gates is the youngest child of Kevin Gates and his longtime partner Dreka Gates. He was given his two names because of Kevin’s deep affiliation with Islam, and they have special meanings. 

His first name, Khaza, means treasure or gift, while his middle name Kamil means the perfect one or perfect. Clearly, well thought names. 

Khaza was born on May 10, 2014, via the aqua doula birthing tub, and Dreka did it without vaccination or needing the doctor’s help.

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Kevin Gates and his son Khaza (Source: Pinterest)

Khaza’s older sister, Islah Koren Gates, was also born the same way in Atlanta, Georgia. She is only one year older than he is. They are both being homeschooled and will be until they are primed enough for the world. 

Khaza lives away from the spotlight as he is still in his formative years. Also, he has a close bond with both his parents, and Kevin names his third album after him. The album was released in 2022 and debuted at No. 8 on the US Billboard 200.

How Many Kids Does Kevin Gates Have? 

Kevin Gates has never openly disclosed how many children he has. He once said that admitting how many kids he has makes no sense. 

Including Khaza and Islah, he is responsible for the kids of his brothers who can’t be there for them for one reason or another. He also admitted that besides his kids with Dreka, he has other children that call him father.

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He once said: “I got some children. I’m real, real close with them. I lay in bed with them, hold them, and love on them.”

As far as the rapper is concerned, his fans will never meet these children, and if they did, no one would know. Kevin said he might reveal them to the world someday, but until then, they will remain far from the spotlight.

The Relationship Between Kevin and Dreka

What Kevin and Dreka share is something special. The rapper has refused to call her his longtime girlfriend and prefers the tag best friend and life partner. 

He said in an interview:

“I have a best friend. We’ve been friends for 14 years. I tell her about everything, and she’s my business partner. Yeah, she’s my business partner and my life partner. I don’t do girlfriends. That’s a fling.”

The pair got married in October 2015 but had been together for much longer. In 2021, to celebrate their anniversary, Dreka revealed in an Instagram post that they had spent 17 years together.

Kevin Gates and Dreka on their wedding day
Kevin Gates posing with Dreka and others on their wedding day (Source: Pinterest)

In an interview they were both present for in 2020, Kevin confessed that Dreka was his pillar. He called her the “truth of the truth” and praised her for sticking by his side even when he was sentenced to jail. 

There Are Always Rumors They Split

Like many celebrity relationships, the one Kevin and Dreka share is also subject to rumors. One prevalent rumor claims the pair are in an open relationship and have casually stepped out on each other over the years. 

If this is true, it will make them one out of the numerous celebrity couples who chose to leave their union open-ended. Kevin and Dreka have also been rumored to have separated in May 2020, July 2021, and October 2021. 

These rumors now seem like a constant affair, and fans of the couple have stopped reacting so much to them. As long as Kevin or Dreka remain relatively silent about what they share, the rumors will be nothing but groundless speculations. 

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