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Mo’Nique and Seven Other Stars Who Have Been in Open Relationships

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Marriage is more often than not monogamous, but there are exceptions where some people, regular and celebrities alike, believe that keeping it open helps strengthen their relationship. 

Relationships and marriages have a more universal concept based on monogamy. However, there are some people of the school of thought that open relationships are ideal.

Regular people and celebrities fall under this category, and they have attested to it being of great help to their love life. Here’s a quick look through a list of some stars who believe in open relationships.

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The star actress and A-list comedian has been married to Sydney Hicks for over a decade. The couple is a down-to-earth duo who keeps it real concerning their relationship.

Once in an interview, Mo-Nique shared insights into how her love life works. She noted that she and Hicks operate an open relationship, and it was all her idea. Reason being that the actress did not want to stop seeing other men and also did not want to look like she was hiding things from her husband.

Willow Smith

The young entertainer is another honest celebrity who keeps it real concerning her lifestyle. Smith has attested to being polyamorous, and she made it know on the “Red Table Talk.”

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The Alternate R&B singer shared how monogamy could lead to cheating, adding that she preferred honest and open relationships. Smith said that she believed polyamory was all about freedom.

Megan Fox 

Before Fox called it quits with Brian Austin Green, it was shared that she had the liberty to choose other sexual partners. This was termed as a one-sided open relationship. An insider mentioned that Fox was allowed to see other men, but Green did not get the same liberty to see other women.

Ashton Kutcher 

When the Hollywood powerhouse was married to gellownstar Demi Moore, they reportedly ran an open relationship. A source once shared that their fellow Hollywood stars were privy to the terms in their relationship, and the former couple was happy in all those years.

Nico Tortorella 

Nico Tortorella and Bethy Meyers refer to what they have as a queer polyamorous relationship. They have been married for a while now, and the duo does not conform to gender norms.

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Tortorella  once shared that cheating was not good. Still, he believed that an open relationship, polyamorous relationship, or any type of relationship that couples agree to, was a way to curb cheating.

Shailene Woodley

The Hollywood actress once opened up about her experiences with open relationships. She noted that having tried it, she had a desire to practice a non-monogamous relationship more.

Thomas Middleditch

The star actor and Mollie Gates became man and wife in 2015, and after that, he discovered he wanted a no-traditional marriage. Gates agreed to it for a while until she wanted less of an open marriage. On the other hand, the ‘Silicon Valley” actor wanted more of it, leading to their separation. 

Gwyneth Paltrow A source once shared that in the span of their 10-year marriage, Paltrow and Martin had an open relationship. The insider shared that Paltrow was not the territorial type, and Martin was free to make choices. 

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