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8 Intriguing Facts About Fast-Rising Hollywood Star Marsai Martin

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Many fans watched Hollywood teenager Marsai Martin grow in the industry, and while she is yet to become an adult, Martin’s career has spun into big-time success. 

Marsai Martin made her mark on the long-running sitcom “Black-ish” and went on to establish her talent in Hollywood as a whole. The youngster quickly rose through the ranks, with many achievements in a few years.

These days, Marsai continues to build her impressive entertainment career both as an actress and behind the scenes as the youngest executive producer in Hollywood. Check out this awe-inspiring facts list about the young icon.

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Marsai Martin’s Love For Entertainment started from Her Toddler Years.

Many stars discovered their entertainment streak when they were older. However, Martin is part of those who bore the signs at a very early age. She once shared that she was able to sing songs that weren’t typical to most toddlers.

She Is A CEO

Martin runs her own production company, Genius Productions. The “Little” star once shared that she and her team aim to inspire young African-American girls so they would “relate to themselves” through what they saw on TV. Martin made her company so relatable to kids her age by decking out the interior in teenage fashion. 

Martin is A South Paw

This is in no way a slight to righties, but Martin is part of the world’s most revered people who are lefties. The Texas native joins the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton, who are all left-handed. 

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The Glasses Logo of Her Company Is Significant 

Martin’s choice of designing her company’s logo is a homage to her experiences. The Genius brand graphics bears the silhouette of an afro-wearing girl in glasses. Martin shared that she made it that way because of her own medically recommended glasses. 

The 17-year-old recalled being that kid in class that would have to be close to the board to take notes. 7She added, “And it’s not just about the prescription, but it’s about the all-around glasses and what they can do to change your life, really.”

She Knows When To Put Her Foot Down 

Being famous and inspiring has not shielded Martin from the verbal attacks of trolls, but she has proved to be one not to be played with. Such a time was when critics clamped down on her choice of outfit at the BET Awards.

Martin made sure to call their attention to pressing issues, mentioning the need for justice in society and the global health crisis. She sent out a final cryptic message, pretending to blow her nose into a $100 bill. ‘

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The Young Actress Is A Multiple Award Winner.

The “Paw Patrol” star did not hold back on her talents, and in return, the movie industry duly rewarded her. Martin is the recipient of none NAACP awards, as well as a Guinness World Record holder. 

Music Helps Martin Relax

Being a teenager and having to deal with being a very successful multihyphenate must be quite tasking and energy-zapping. Martin has confirmed this and shared that she mostly resorts to music to relax her nerves. 

Her Life is Quite Relatable To Other Teenagers

Away from the spotlights and Hollywood’s perfectionist outlook, Martin is very much like every teen. She has shared that it is pretty stressful learning about relationships, building friendships, and generally transitioning to adulthood.

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