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Years After the Show Here is a Look Back at the Cast of ‘Girlfriends’ and Where They are Now

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Over two decades after its release, “Girlfriends” has once again swept through household screens, garnering a new generation of viewers. 

For eight years, the TV show “Girlfriends” showed Black women all over the world that they could achieve whatever they set their minds on. Nearly two decades later, the world has experienced a revolutionary change, with more women tapping into their full potential.

While many associate the show with feminism, it seems fair to credit the 2000s series and the remarkable women who brought it to life with this 21st-century revolution. Luckily, the streaming giant Netflix already gave fans a head start by bringing back the all-time favorite girl pals to TV.

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Girlfriends casts | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Since late 2020, all eight seasons of “Girlfriends” have been available for streaming on Netflix, sending millennials back to the good ol’ days.

Having the four iconic beauties grace the screens together once again, looking as youthful as ever, has left fans wondering what the adorable quad has been up to since their stint on the show.

Here is a walk through the lives of the “Girlfriends” tv show casts then and now.


This 47-year-old actress has especially mirrored her “Girlfriends” character in real life by being career-driven without compromising her social life despite several failed relationships.

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Tracee Ellis Ross portrayed careerist lawyer Joan Carol Clayton on “Girlfriends.” She was notably the glue holding the group together. Her penchant for looking out for everyone else, sometimes at the expense of herself, earned her the unofficial title of the “den mother.”

Additionally, the others each had a connection to Joan. Toni was her childhood friend. Lynn came into her life in college while Maya served as Joan’s assistant at the law firm. Thanks to the “den mother”, all four women became the closest of friends, being a part of each other’s lives while navigating their career and relationships.


Following the show’s cancellation in 2008, Ross starred in other hit dramas, including “Reed Between The Lines” and “Black-ish.”

She landed her role as Dr Rainbow Johnson on “Black-ish” in 2014 and stars on the show to date. Ross also co-created a sequel titled “Mixed-ish” and landed a starring role in the 2020 movie, “The High Note.”

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In addition to acting, the icon is making waves in the beauty realm, releasing a collection of hair products called Pattern Beauty.


Actress Golden Brooks began her showbiz career with a starring role on the comedy series “Linc’s” in the early 90s. Her career has soared to greater heights over the years.


Golden Brooks took on the role of Maya Wilkes, Joan’s assistant, at the start of the show. However, as “Girlfriends” progressed, Maya chose a different path, away from the legal field.

When the show ended in 2008, Brooks’ character was an accomplished author and housewife. She found more fulfilment in her chosen path than she would have as a lawyer.


Twelve years after her run on the UPN/CW series, Brooks has continued excelling in Hollywood. She has credits in movies like “The Darkest Minds,” “I Am The Night,” and the reality show “Hollywood Divas.” She is also mom to a daughter, whom she shares with D.B. Woodside.


Aside from acting, Persia White, 48, is an accomplished singer and musician. She is a mother of one, welcoming her daughter, Mecca White, in 1995.


Persia White became a “Girlfriends” cast member in the first season when she landed the character of Lynn Searcy. Lynn was Joan and Toni’s roommate in college and proceeded to become a pal for life.

She nurtured an interest in music and managed to start a band and sign a record deal before the show went off air.


In real life, White has also pushed her music career forward, releasing her debut album, “Mecca”, in 2009. Additionally, she plays Abby Bennett Wilson on the CW drama “The Vampire Diaries.”

White married her “The Vampire Diaries” co-star, Joseph Morgan, in 2014. The duo has sustained their marriage to date.


The fourth member of the girl squad was Antoinette “Toni” Childs-Garrett, played by Jill Marie Jones. Prior to acting, Jones dabbled in professional dancing and cheerleading, gradually making a name for herself in showbiz.


Jones joined the show when she was 25. Her character, Toni, was notably the most popular in the group and Joan’s childhood friend. Sadly, she left the show in its sixth season, two years before “Girlfriends” officially went off-air.


Jones went on to star in “The Perfect Holiday” alongside Gabrielle Union before delving into the horror genre. She snagged a recurring role as Cynthia Irving in the horror flick “Sleepy Hollow.”

Jones also appears on the Web series “Monogamy” and has done so since 2018.



Reginald C. Hayes played William Dent, the only guy that formed a close-knit friendship with the group.


Reginald Hayes has since appeared in the CW show “Hart of Dixie” and appeared in a special episode of “Black-ish” alongside the other casts of “Girlfriends.” Although he has experienced difficulties finding roles since “Girlfriends” ended, he has appeared in “NCIS,” “Let’s Stay Together,” and “Criminal Minds.”

In 2020, Hayes experienced a severe health scare that left him hospitalized. Following the medical emergency, the 52-year-old actor disclosed he had been battling congestive heart failure for a while, making breathing difficult.



Keesha Sharp portrayed Williams’ wife, Monica Brooks, from 2002 until the series ended, easily blending into the group.


Sharp has continued shining in the entertainment industry, with credits in movies like “Marshall,” “Why Did I Get Married,” and “Lethal Weapon.”

The actress also worked on a biopic of Earth Kitt along with her husband of twenty years, Bradford Sharp.



Khalil Kain played Maya’s husband Darnell for seven seasons, flawlessly depicting a typical black-American man. 


Kain has since landed roles in “For Colored Girls,” “Elementary, ” “Blue Bloods,” and “Persons Of Interest.”

These showbiz icons have undoubtedly made the most of their rise to stardom in the last twenty years.

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