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What Is Eddie Murphy’s Net Worth? A Walk Through His Successful Hollywood Journey

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Having dabbled into every sphere of the entertainment industry in his career Eddie Murphy’s accumulated net worth is quite impressive.

First shooting into fame in the ‘80s, Eddie Murphy has altered the way the world perceives comedians. The historic turnaround resonated throughout the global movie scenes in the eighties, nineties, and early aughts, ranking him among the highest-paid entertainers at the time.

He went on to achieve more successes in every sphere of entertainment, becoming a global superstar. Having touched every aspect of showbiz throughout his career, he has expectedly garnered substantial wealth.

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Eddie Murphy | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Over four decades later, what is Eddie Murphy’s net worth, and what did he do to attain it in his career sojourn?

What Is Eddie Murphy’s Net Worth?

With a career spanning forty years and counting, the “Dr. Dolittle” star has an impressive net worth. As of 2022, Eddie Murphy’s net worth is $200 million according to Celebrity Networth.

He accumulated this vast wealth through years of hard work, putting his multiple talents to good use. Murphy’s career ventures include acting, singing, writing, directing, show-hosting and comedy.

Eddie Murphy’s Comedic Career

Before his fame and stardom, Eddie Murphy had a knack for comedy and made a career of it at a young age. Hence, comedy would always remain his first love.

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From his childhood, he enjoyed doing impressions of people, attracting lots of laughs as a result. The icon began his career in stand-up comedy at 15. performing at a youth center on Long Island.

That paved the way for him in the industry. The teenager began snagging gigs to perform at various comedy shows. At 21, he took advantage of an opening at “Saturday Night Live,” applying as a cast member. He got the job, marking the turning point in his career.

Before Murphy’s stint on “SNL,” the show experienced a great decline. However, his presence gave the show a facelift. To date, the comedy genius is credited with helping to revitalize the show.

Eddie Murphy | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Soon, his salary on SNL rose to a whopping $30,000 as against his initial $4500 per episode. Around that time, Murphy created stand-up specials like “Delirious,” and “Eddie Murphy Raw.” 

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Controversial Materials

While his works received huge fandom, his materials were known for profanity and derogatory remarks. Most of his jokes seemingly targeted diverse groups like people living with HIV/AIDs and the LGBTQ+ community.

This has earned Eddie Murphy and his comedic career scrutiny over the years, especially his comments that express fear of contracting AIDS from kissing gay men.

However, Murphy has since apologized for his past homophobic remarks, describing them as ignorant and cringe-worthy.

Eddie Murphy’s Life As An Actor

During his stint on “SNL,” in the early ‘80s, Eddie Murphy branched into acting. He made his big-screen debut on 1982’s “48 Hrs,” shooting him to global stardom. This led to his salary increment on “SNL.”

The idol went on to star in more movies and TV shows throughout his career. Some of his most notable roles include “Norbit,” “Daddy Daycare,” “Coming To America” and “Dr. Dolittle.”

He also gained acclaim for his works on “Nutty Professor,” “Holy Man,” “Life,” “Dolomite Is My Name,” and the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise.

Eddie Murohy as Prince Hakeem on "Coming To America" | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Notably, Eddie Murphy’s career experienced a decline in the nineties following his role on “Beverly Hills Cop III.” 

However, he managed to rebound in the late nineties with a series of family-friendly films. Eddie Murphy owes the bulk of his total net worth to his movie success. It also earned him several awards and accolades.

Dabbling Into Music

While Eddie Murphy’s acting career is widely considered a major contributor to his net worth, the entertainer also made waves in the music industry. At least while it lasted.

He had a short-lived singing career in the eighties, debuting his musical pursuits recording background vocals for the Bus Boys.

Eddie Murphy proceeded to release several hit songs including “Party All The Time,” from the 1985 album “How Could It Be.”

In 1989, he released another hit track, “Put Your Mouth On Me,” from the 1989 album, “So Happy.” He also appeared in the music video of Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time.”

Eddie Murphy with Michael Jackson in "Remember The Time" | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Murphy continued to record and release more albums. However, his later career never saw as much success as his initial albums.

Other Ventures

The entertainer’s career sojourn also includes his foray into voice acting, movie production, and writing. He owns the production company, Eddie Murphy Productions and snagged a $70 million Netflix deal in 2019 to deliver some comedy specials.

Eddie Murphy’s multi-faceted career has earned him a place among Hollywood legends in addition to what is largely considered an impressive net worth.

Today, he is the sixth highest-grossing American actor at the box office. His movies alone have racked up to $7 billion at the worldwide box office.

Thus, what began as a hobby for the comedian became the very soul of his success and a major contributor to his impressive net worth.

Eddie Murphy's family | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

In addition to his numerous career ventures, the star has groomed his personal life successfully. Despite parting with a fraction of his wealth following his 2006 divorce from model Nicole Murphy, his overall earnings in the last four decades is more than enough to cater for his large family comprising ten kids and their various mothers.

Notably, Eddie Murphy’s kids are following in his footsteps forging their respective paths in the entertainment world and beyond.

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