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A Glimpse at 10 Throwback Looks of Kim Kardashian Shared by Her on Instagram

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“KUWTK” star, Kim Kardashian has given the world some of the most epic throwback pictures of all time that prove she has always been a beauty.

A look through reality star and model, Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page would easily prove her an iconic fashion goddess, dedicated mother, and a raving beauty. This is thanks to numerous pictures of her, stunning in top-of-the art outfits, and her penchant for showing off her family.

However, her Instagram reputation never prevents the actress from showing the world a different side of her, using pictures taken years back. Some of these throwback pictures updated by Kim Kardashian dates back to when the world-famous sisters were kids.

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Others reflect the “Keeping Up with The Kardashian” stars’ lives before fame. One common factor in all the shots remains that Kim and the rest of the clan always looked beautiful, even without their surgical enhancements.

Looking forward to knowing more about Kim Kardashian before the fame, here are ten throwback pictures that prove she has always been a dame.

1.KIM K AT 16

This picture from Kim’s teenage years truly is everything! Captioned “16-year old KK,” the reality star showed off her most prized facial features, accentuated by dark thin eyebrows reminiscent of the ‘90s.

The younger-looking Kim, who appeared to be sunbathing, had her hair styled into a rough bun, with her jaw resting on her crossed arms. Her full lips were also on display, the only prominent resemblance between the teenager and the cosmetic mogul the world knows today.


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Another throwback picture Kim Kardashian shared showed the star as a teenager in 1996. This time, she donned a sky blue top with navy blue highlights which matched the color of her mini skirt.

She looked every definition of glamorous in the outfit from Judy’s, silver necklace, and short bob parted in the middle.


One of the best throwback pictures ever seen featured Kim twinning with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian. The duo donned black outfits as they posed together, showing off their ‘90s style eyebrows. 

Kourtney’s pigtails stole the moment!


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Robert Kardashian deserved the award for coolest dad ever with this photo of him holding his daughters, Kim and Kourtney. Seeing the trio smile in one shot brings one word to mind: “coolness.” One can’t help but miss the good old days.


In November 2020, Kim Kardashian shared what was undoubtedly the best twinning look of the pre-social media era. The photo featured Kim and Kourtney Kardashian as kids, rocking checkered dresses, with their hairs styled into fringes.

Kris Jenner definitely went all-out to achieve this look for the two tots as the outfits coordinated flawlessly with their headbands, stockings, and white kicks. Looks like the momager always had it in her!


The Skims CEO served fans loads of cuteness in a single baby photo of her little sister, Kendall Jenner. The adorable shot featured 16-year-old Kim K lying on a bed, with baby Kenny, who was barely one year old at the time, seated comfortably on her big sister’s arched laps.

The beauty mogul shared the throwback pic in November, to mark Kendall’s 25th birthday, referring to her little sister as the prettiest girl she knew.


Another favorite shot of the Kardashians showed Kim Kardashian seated at a dinner table, flanked by Kendall and Kylie, both teenagers at the time. Kloé also appeared in the picture, looking glamorous while seated beside Kim.

Although Kim appeared make-up-free in the picture, her beauty was undeniable. What’s more? The mother-of-four rocked her hair blonde in the pic, taking fans by surprise with the direct contrast to her signature black crown.


The Kardashian sisters have never looked so alike! Even before the legendary family garnered global fame, they already dominated the beachwear department.

An iconic photo of Kim, Kourtney, and Kloé from 2006 showed the trio rocking identical sunglasses as they showed off their hot figures in fashionable two-pieces.


The reality star’s friendship with her BFF, Allison Statter dates back to their pre-school days. Luckily, they have the memories in pictures.

One particular memory involved spending the weekends with Kim Kardashian’s grandma at age seven. The 40-year-old recounted the wonderful times in an August 2020 post, sharing two pics of them as kids.


Arguably the best on this list, Kim celebrated the familial ties between the Kardashian-Jenner clan with a black-and-white photo of all six siblings, including Rob Kardashian.

They all looked young, and barely recognizable in the picture, save for Kim, whose full lips gave her away. Little Kendall and Kylie stole the show with their funny poses that spoke tons of their excitement, making it obvious there was nowhere else they’d rather be.

Indeed, family is everything!

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