Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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“They Will Come for Your Homes!” Elon Musk Warns as NYC Vacates Schools for Migrants 

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Elon Musk
Source: GlobeEyeNews/X

New York residents have received a warning from billionaire businessman and investor Elon Musk. “They will come for your homes!” the X (formerly Twitter) owner predicted. 

He made the statement in response to a recent incident where a high school was closed to accommodate migrants. 

On Tuesday, January 9, 2024, residents of Brooklyn were worried about seeing 1900 migrants being dropped off at James Madison High School. City officials were relocating the asylum-seekers from their camp in the Floyd Bennett Field due to bad weather. 

Officials were expecting vicious storms and heavy rains to hit the migrant camp, hence the relocation. The school management emailed teachers, informing them the school would be closed the next day. Students were to learn remotely on Wednesday.

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The LibsofTikTok had posted the video of the migrants pouring into the school after being dropped off by school buses. The video’s caption began with, “School is closed tomorrow because illegals will be sleeping in the school’s gym.” The caption ended with, “This is disgraceful! NYC is prioritizing illegals over Americans.” 

Musk, also regarded as a conservative voice, responded to the video with a warning to New York residents. “This is what happens when you run out of hotel rooms. Soon cities will run out of schools to vacate,” he wrote. He added the dreadful prophecy, “Then they will come for your homes.” 

Musk repeated the warning under another post by LibsofTikTok. The right-wing account had shared a screenshot of a Boston 25 News article. The article’s bold headline reads, “Governor Healy asks residents to house migrant families amid growing shelter crisis.” 

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“They’ve run out of hotel rooms, are kicking kids out of school for illegal housing, and now they want your homes too,” Musk responded. Indeed, Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll had, in August, called residents of the state with spare rooms in their homes to house the migrants. 

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Just like New York and other states across the country, Massachusetts is overwhelmed with migrants. State-run shelters are crowded; turning to residents for help was the government’s last resort. 

Elon Musk has, on multiple occasions, made his thoughts known about the migrant crisis in the United States. In a January 4 post on X, Musk accused the Biden administration of “facilitating illegal immigration.” 

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Before that, in a September 2023 post, he shared some insights on the illegal immigration challenge at the Southern border. “US Border Patrol just reported the highest number of recorded illegal immigrants in history at over 260,000 this month,” he wrote. “The full number, including unrecorded, maybe over half a million per month, which is the population of Wyoming.” 

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Every day, as the migrant situation worsens, pressure mounts on the Biden administration to change its border policies. Now, even Blue cities are feeling the heat and pointing fingers at the federal government. 

Although the migrants left James Madison High School before sunrise on Wednesday, parents are angry that their kids are bearing the brunt of the government’s lax approach to illegal immigration. 

Will Musk’s prophecy come to pass? Will their homes be next to be affected? Hopefully not.

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