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HomeNewsAtlanta Professor Claims School Fired Him for Refusing to Inflate Students’ Grades

Atlanta Professor Claims School Fired Him for Refusing to Inflate Students’ Grades

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Atlanta Professor Claims School Fired Him for Refusing to Inflate Students’ Grades
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Former Spelman College Professor Kendrick Morales claims that a school fired him unjustly. He refused to inflate students’ grades after they failed his class and complained that it was too difficult. 

However, Morales told “Fox & Friends” that his class was simply up to standard. He told the school that he would not offer his economics students more accessible work and raise their marks on assignments. This did not sit well with the school’s executives, and they decided to boost the students’ grades. 

A little while after that, they let Morales go. Therefore, the former Atlanta professor feels wronged. “They definitely applied some pressure on me to raise grades above what I thought was reasonable, which I thought was totally against what I was supposed to do,” he told host Lawrence Jones. 

“I thought I was responsible for setting academic standards and making sure that the grades and degrees the school was conferring actually held its value.” Moreover, Morales believes that 44% of his class would still fail, even with the alternative grades. 

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The former professor also said the poor performance was part of a larger “incentive problem.” This problem starts with students complaining and administrators helping the students immediately to boost their grades. Furthermore, he believes this is why students are not motivated to work harder. 

Fox News Digital reached out to the school to find out why they fired Morales. They wrote back, saying, “At the heart of the Spelman College experience is the academically rigorous program we offer our students. 

Meaningful and effective classroom engagement is the hallmark of a Spelman education. The College, its administrators, and faculty exercise appropriate judgment in the delivery of our learning activities in order to maintain consistency across Spelman’s campus.”

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“Spelman College has reviewed this matter and has no further comment on the opinions of this former faculty member,” the school added. Clearly, the school is strong in its resolve, and it is not going back on its verdict. 

As they officially fired Morales, it made his future in academics very uncertain. Personally, he is also not sure if that’s the right path for him anymore following his fallout with Spelman. 

“I thought, in terms of going for an academic position, that I would be able to have autonomy and not have administrators kind of meddle with grades and meddle with the incentive structure that I was trying to put in place,” he said. “I’m not really sure if it’s viable for me to continue as an academic.”

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Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Spelman is the oldest historically Black private liberal arts college for women in the United States. Thanks to its constant excellence, it is also one of the highest-ranked colleges in the United States.

It is number one of 79 historically Black colleges in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report. It also ranks 19th of 36 for “Best Undergraduate Teaching” and second of 196 in “Social Mobility.”

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