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“Biden Hitting New Low!” Conservatives Fume as NYC Schools Close to House Immigrants

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Officials showing migrants into James Madison High School

In the latest development in New York, a local school had to evacuate its students. The reason for this is the government is temporarily putting up a large number of immigrants in the school building. 

The news is viral on X, and Americans are upset that the education of their children is being put on hold to provide comfort for some illegal immigrants. 

A report by Daily Wire provides specifics about how the events of the school shutdown came about. It turns out the school evacuation is the brainchild of New York City officials.

Before now, city officials have brokered an agreement with the federal government that allows them to accommodate some 2,000 asylum seekers at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field. This property belongs to the federal government and sits on almost 1,300 acres of land in Brooklyn, New York. 

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So, with approval from the Biden administration, city officials set up large tents for immigrants’ accommodation at Floyd Bennett Field. Unfortunately, weather forecasts project that the city expects a storm in the coming days. The storm may feature torrential rain and winds of up to 70 mph. 

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City officials have tabled this explanation to justify the evacuation of the migrants’ shelters at the airfield. Likewise, they claim that the James Madison High School shutdown is to help accommodate the immigrants pending improvements in the prevalent weather conditions. 

Unfortunately, parents of the children sent out of school, locals, and Americans on social media will not have any of those excuses. There is widespread outrage, particularly on social media, about how the government is giving priority to illegal immigrants and distressing American taxpayers. 

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According to NYC Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, the James Madison High School administrators received instructions to close the school early on Tuesday morning. Until further notice, teachers will have to teach the students remotely.

Due to this development, Vernikov lambasted state and city officials for their poor judgment. Who converts a school that is currently in session to a migrant shelter? Vernikov is a conservative and has called out the controversial decision.

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Robyn Levy, a gym teacher at the school, was also unhappy about the development. She kept asking questions like, “Why does the government have to disrupt our children’s education. Why not get some other facility that does not have to constitute an inconvenience?” 

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In a press release by Vernikov, she said, “Our public schools are meant to be places of learning and growth for our children, and were never intended to be shelters or facilities for emergency housing.”  

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There are many other instances in which the US migrant crisis has affected education in the recent past. For example, in NYC alone, there are over 21,000 children of illegal migrants attending public schools.

Unfortunately, this influx of migrant children is straining the resources in most of these schools. In a peculiar case, a New York school had to move some of its students to a new building after the new kids caused the student population to exceed the building capacity.  

The immigrant crisis is causing President Biden to lose credibility with Americans. Cases like this in the news may influence constituents’ votes in the coming elections. 

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