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“That Girl Lay Lay” Creator’s Wife Announces Final Episodes Nearly Two Years After Husband’s Death

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The Girl Lay Lay
Source: J-14 Magazine/Youtube

The Nickelodeon buddy comedy series “That Girl Lay Lay” is set to conclude its final episodes on Wednesday, marking the end of a remarkable journey less than two years after the passing of its creator, David A. Arnold. 

Arnold’s wife, Julie Harkness Arnold, made the emotional announcement and reflected on her husband’s profound impact on the show, its cast, and crew. In an Instagram post filled with nostalgia and gratitude, Julie Arnold shared her appreciation for the creatives behind the series, which brought David’s vision to life over its two seasons. 

Despite her heavy heart, she expressed pride in the show’s achievements, including 46 episodes, Top Ten rankings on Netflix, and recognition at prestigious award ceremonies. She fondly remembered her involvement in something that was dear to David’s heart and celebrated the legacy he left behind.

The decision to conclude “That Girl Lay Lay” comes after the untimely passing of David A. Arnold in September 2022 at the age of 54. Arnold, a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry, was revered for his stand-up comedy, writing, and production work on popular shows like Netflix’s “Fuller House” and Nickelodeon’s “Side Hustle.” 

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His creative genius extended to the creation and executive production of “That Girl Lay Lay,” a testament to his storytelling prowess and wide-ranging appeal.

Julie Arnold’s heartfelt tribute expressed the profound loss the show’s cast and crew felt upon David’s passing. Yet, amidst their grief, they rallied together to honor his legacy by continuing to bring his vision to fruition. 

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She lauded the resilience and dedication of writers John D. Beck and Ron Hart and producer Will Packer, who persevered through their sorrow to uphold David’s vision.

The genesis of “That Girl Lay Lay” was a testament to David’s commitment to diversity and representation in storytelling. Inspired by his journey and experiences, the series centered around friendship, resilience, and empowerment, resonating with audiences of all ages. 

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David’s wife recounted how the show’s production became a sanctuary for creativity and camaraderie, fostering a sense of family among its cast and crew.

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As the final curtain falls on “That Girl Lay Lay,” the show leaves a lasting legacy of excellence and inspiration. From its exceptional performances to its captivating storytelling, the series is a testament to David A. Arnold’s unparalleled talent and vision.

As the credits roll, those touched by David’s work continue to honor his memory, ensuring that his spirit lives on in every frame of the show he brought to life.

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