Monday, June 17, 2024
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Pennsylvania Wendy’s Manager Who Created Fake Employee to Pocket $20,000 Goes Viral on X

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One of Wendys' establishments
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A Wendy’s manager recently went viral for creating a “fake employee” to pocket $20K. According to reports, the manager worked at a Pennsylvania Wendy’s location and was able to steal around $20,000. All by allegedly creating a “fake employee” and taking their wages.

It is not the first fast food fiasco that has happened over the years. However, how this particular scandal happened had netizens paying attention. It first went public in 2023 when they discovered that the manager, Linda Johnson, would clock in as the “ghost employee” for shifts.

Johnson worked 128 shifts and earned $19,898.15 from July 2021 through April 2022. According to police documents, an insurance company claims the location lost $15,000 due to the manager’s theft.

Police interrogated other employees at the Wendy’s location about the “ghost worker.” While some said they didn’t remember ever working with them, one said they allegedly met the employee and even had a timecard.

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During a conversation with police, Johnson confessed to making the employee up. It was not too difficult. She simply set up their paychecks to deposit in her Cash app account.

It was an ingenious way to defraud the fast-food chain. However, while Johnson might have made around $20K, she also faces a charge of felony theft. This happened in 2023. The story recently went viral on X (formerly Twitter) and has been earning some impressive reactions from tweeps. 

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“I’m not gonna lie; this is smart as hell,” one user admitted. “You can’t even be mad at her. 128 shifts without anyone noticing this ‘new employee’ is insane, LMAO.”

“I’m not gonna lie this is smart as hell, you can’t even be mad at her, 128 shifts without anyone noticing this new employee is insane LMAO,” another echoed. 

“I respect the hustle,” one commented. Others had questions. One user wondered if Johnson didn’t have the help of other staffers, writing, “She wasn’t doing it alone; she must have been sharing the benefits with other staff.”

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This is just the latest crime-related fast food story to go viral on social media. A McDonald’s worker was fired after getting arrested mid-shift for violating their probation. Nobody knows where Johnson ended up, but everyone hopes she is now in a better place—preferably one where she does not have to resort to stealing, albeit in ingenious ways. 

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