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Susan Boyle Net Worth: Inside Her Sensational Career and Rise to Stardom

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Susan Boyle has spent the past thirteen years of her life in the spotlight, winning hearts with her powerful vocals which earned her a substantial net worth.

Back in 2009, Susan Boyle challenged herself to make an appearance on “Britains’ Got Talent,” facing off against the unapproving gazes of her audience.

However, in just three minutes, she changed the world’s perception of her, rendering the lyrics of the Les Miserables track, “I Dreamed A Dream.”

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The then 47-year-old ended up emerging second place on “BGT” that year. But that was only the start of her musical exploits. Thirteen years down the line, Susan Boyle is an accomplished singer, has an impressive net worth, and numerous accolades, and is considered a legend in the music world.

What Is The Net worth Of Susan Boyle?

The reality star and Scottish singer Susan Boyle has a net worth of $40 million according to Celebritynetworth. She accumulated this figure over the years, through her foray into music and reality television shows.

Her successful music career has seen the star release several hit tracks while appearing in numerous concerts. Royalties and advances also contribute to her overall net worth.

Today, Boyle holds the record for the oldest artist to hit No. 1 with a debut album. She is also the record-holder for the fastest-selling debut album by a female in the United Kingdom.

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Susan Boyle’s Career Onset

Boyle is best-known for her musical pursuits which have earned her a massive fan following. But she was not always a professional singer.

The icon, born on April 1, 1961, in Blackburn, West Lothian in Scotland 1961 was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome later in her life. The condition caused her to struggle with school throughout her life, eventually embracing music as an outlet.

She grew up taking singing lessons from vocal coach Fred O’Neil. She also attended the Edinburgh Acting School to further her studies. By 1998, the icon felt ready to pursue her dreams.

Hence, using her personal savings, she paid for a professionally cut demo with songs like “Killing Me Softly,” “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina,” and “Cry Me A River.”

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Boyle sent these demos out to record companies, television stations and radio competition shows hoping for a breakthrough. Thanks to her singing prowess, she won several of these competitions.

Susan Boyle on “Britains’ Got Talent”

After winning several competition shows, Susan Boyle’s mother encouraged her to try out for “BGT,” the competition talent show. However, she summoned the courage to do so only after her mom’s passing.

Susan Boyle applied as a contestant on “The X Factor,” but abandoned the audition because she believed the show chose contestants based on their looks. With the intervention of her former singing coach O’Neil, Boyle changed her mind about forfeiting her “BGT” auditions as well.

She went on to join the preliminary auditions, eventually making it to the televised audition of the show. During the audition, she captured hearts with her powerful vocals as she rendered the lyrics of “I Dreamed A Dream.”

Susan Boyle sings at her "BGT" audition | Image: Youtube/Davy Leyland
Susan Boyle sings at her “BGT” audition | Image: Youtube/Davy Leyland

Her appearance ultimately made her an overnight sensation, popularizing the track, which until then never made the charts. At the end of the third season of “BGT” which aired in 2009, the star emerged as the first runner-up.

Going Professional

Following her stint on “Britains’ Got Talent,” Susan Boyle released her debut album, “I Dreamed A Dream.”

She released the album under “BGT” judge Simon Cowell’s record label Syco. The album peaked at number 1 in the US and UK charts, becoming the second-biggest seller in the United States. 

A year later, the songstress dropped her second album, “The Gift,” which debuted at No. 1 on the UK chart. She went on to release six more albums, all of which became hits.

Susan Boyle’s ITV Show

Right after releasing her debut album, ITV created a one-off television special which starred the singer. The show titled “I Dreamed A Dream: The Susan Boyle Story,” was presented by BGT” judge Piers Morgan and reflected on Boyle’s success story since appearing on “BGT.”

Accolades And Awards

With a successful career spanning over thirteen years, it comes as no surprise that Boyle’s journey has been laden with awards and recognitions.

She boasts of an honorary doctorate from the Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh, and another from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow. Susan Boyle also holds several records like the Most successful UK Debut Album Sales as well as various awards and nominations.

What Is Susan Boyle Up To Now?

Having finally fulfilled her dreams of becoming an accomplished singer, the sky’s the limit for the now-60-year-old crooner. Susan Boyle remains signed to Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco, under which she released all her albums and attained her net worth.

Like most celebrities, she took a hiatus from singing over the coronavirus pandemic, spending months in isolation. With the world returning to normalcy once again, fans anticipate another album from the legendary singer, or at the very least a groundbreaking stage performance.

Meanwhile, the singer has never married, nor had kids. Rather, she devoted her life to caring for her sick mother who passed on at 91, leaving Boyle finally ready to spread her wings and soar through the boundless possibilities showbiz had to offer.

Who would have thought the shy woman who hit the “BGT” stage in 2009 would end up becoming the show’s most-celebrated talent!

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