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10 Celebs Who Made Their Big Break on Reality Shows

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Many celebrities gained fame for their talents and crafts and built a legacy in the long run. However, there were times they appeared on reality shows as a form of a stepping stone.

One thing significant in the life of a celebrity besides the spotlight and career milestones is their humble beginning. Some stars had to delve into odd jobs, while others ventured into trying their luck with their talents.

Among those who have become big-shot celebrities today, some had to fuel their passion through smaller platforms and reality shows. Stars like Beyoncé, Miranda Lambert, and Cardi B fall in this category.

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Kelly Clarkson

Before the award-winning pop singer became a favorite among music lovers, Clarkson sang for a smaller audience. She soon ventured to “American Idol,” joining the show in its first season.

Clarkson did not just compete, but she became the first winner on the talent show. This kick-started her career as she became known for songs like “A Moment Like This” and “Broken & Beautiful.” Her many accolades range from Grammys to Academy Country Music Awards.

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Justin Timberlake

As an 11-year-old, Justin Timberlake made his first showbiz attempt on Star Search. Many would recall him being the little cowboy called Justin Randall who sang “Love’s Got A Hold On You” on the show.

Timberlake did not hit the jackpot on “Star Search,” but TV lovers got to see more of him on “The New Mickey Mouse Club.” He would later join the boy band NSYNC where his mega-fame began.


Beyoncé’s influence in music and lifestyle cannot be overemphasized because she has proven time and time again to be a music living legend. However, many years ago, she was only a little girl from Texas.

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Beyoncé and some of her friends, who could also sing, formed the girl group Girls Tyme and appeared on Star Search. The group did not win, but it morphed into the Grammy-winning band Destiny’s Child.

Miranda Lambert

The A-lister has etched her place in history as one of the most famous country stars. Miranda’s journey to stardom began with her stint on “Nashville Star.”

She came in third on the talent show, but her career moved further, earning her two Grammy awards and nine Academy of Country Music Awards.

Jon Hamm

Award-winning actor Jon Hamm made his first attempt at gaining fame on “The Big Date.” He did not make a significant cut in the show, but his Hollywood big break came ten years later.

Jon Hamm was a star on “Mad Men,” and he won two Golden Globes Awards for his role; he also landed a gig on “Good Omens,” among others.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson’s strong and unique vocals were first heard on “American Idol.” She sang her way to the top, making it to the top seven spots. However, she did not win the show.

That began her voyage to stardom, as Hudson starred in 2006’s “Dreamgirls.” The role earned her an Oscar award, and since then, she has continued singing and acting.

Cardi B

The hip hop sensation and A-list rapper attained an impressive milestone acing a Best Rap Album Grammy Award with her debut album. From then on, fans continued to see her ace more achievements.

Before all of this, there was “the Vine” Cardi B, who made funny videos on social media. She moved to “Love & Hip Hop: New York” and was on the show for two seasons.

Winnie Harlow

The supermodel first appeared on Tyra Banks’ “America’s Next Top Model” and was recognized for her unabashed display of expertise and her advocacy concerning vitiligo.

Harlow did not win on the show, but after she stepped out, she was on a winning streak. The star saw herself walking runways for big fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ music has gained momentum, but back in 2010, he was a young boy with blonde curls on “The X-Factor.” Styles was spectacular for his choice of outfit during his audition.

Chris Hemsworth

It is safe to say that Hemsworth’s alter ego is Thor Ragnarok, but before he became the celebrated superhero, Hemsworth was a tall and lanky young man with fluid movements on “Dancing With The Stars.”

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