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How Many Children Does Judge Judy Have? Know More About Her Large Family

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Despite her strict personality on-screen when manning the gavel, Judge Judy has a heart of gold which her children and numerous grandkids could attest to.

Judy Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy stunned the world for 25 years as she passed judgement on over 20000 cases. Her witty, no-nonsense nature especially captured her audience, so much that the show, “Judge Judy” attracted unmatched popularity, making her the highest-paid woman in America.

Overlooking her success, the icon decided to retire in 2021, and enjoy some much-needed quality time. However, that retirement was short-lived, as that same year, Judy returned to the screens on a new show, “Judy Justice.”

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Since its launch in 2021, it has garnered many viewers and shares similarities with her old show. It’s almost like she never left our screens.

Judge Judy Sheindlin | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Having spent several decades on TV as a top earner, one could easily assume her personal life was non-existent, which cannot be further from the truth.

Contrariwise, Judge Judy has been married to two different men, enjoys a lasting marriage to her husband of 45 years, and a house full of children and grandchildren.

How Many Children Does Judge Judy Have?

Judge Judy is a mother of five children. The legal practitioner welcomed two of her kids, Jamie and Adam with her first husband attorney Ronald Levy.

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She also became a mom to her three stepchildren, Nicole, Johnathan and Gregory following her marriage to second husband Jerry Sheindlin.

Most of Judge Judy’s kids, all grown up now, are following in her footsteps, pursuing careers in the judicial system.

Meet Judge Judy’s Children

Judy first became a mom in the 60s when she welcomed son Jamie Levy during her marriage to Ronald Levy. She and Levy, an attorney, tied the knot in 1964, welcoming their son shortly after.

Two years after Jamie’s birth, the former couple had another son together, Adam Levy who grew up to become a legal practitioner like his parents. Sadly, Judy and Ronald broke off their marriage after twelve years together.

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Following their divorce in 1976, Judge Judy met Jerry Sheindlin, an attorney who later served on the New York State Supreme Court. The two ran into each other for the first time at a bar, where Judy’s wittiness irked him at first.

They hit it off eventually. After months of dating, the “Judy Justice” star popped the big question, and Jerry said “yes.”

Judge Judy Scheindlin and Jerry Sheindlin | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

They tied the knot, and the television star ultimately added her husband’s three kids from previous relationships to her brood. Thus, she became a mother of five, including her two biological children and three stepchildren.

Judy’s Children Have Successful Careers

Like their parents, three of Judge Judy’s kids have embraced professions in the justice system. Her second biological son, Adam Levy served as a district attorney in Putnam County, New York.

The legendary judge’s stepchildren Gregory and Nicole also became legal practitioners. Gregory is a successful lawyer while Nicole is making great strides in the world, upholding the legacy of her famous stepmom.

In 2006, Judge Judy partnered with her stepdaughter to establish a work-based mentoring program, Her Honor Mentoring. The initiative is aimed at connecting career women with other women in similar fields to forge a working mentor-mentee relationship.

The program has helped build the careers of several women in career-building stages, especially in Winchester County, New York.

Judge Judy’s Grandchildren

Aside from being a career woman and a doting mom Judy is also a grandmother to 13 amazing kids. During one of her interviews, the 79-year-old admitted she spoils her grandchildren rotten, a leverage her kids never had.

Most of her grandkids are already well into their adulthood, and unsurprisingly have careers related to the justice system. In fact, her granddaughter, Sarah Rose, appears on “Judy Justice” as part of her legal team, serving as a courtroom stenographer.

Seeing how Judy Sheindlin spares nothing when it comes to spoiling her grandchildren, the youngsters are sure to enjoy more opportunities both in the judicial system and the world of showbiz, much like most kids born to famous parents.

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