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Susan Boyle and 9 Others Who Made ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ History With Their Auditions

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Along with the return of “Britain’s Got Talent,” for a new season, the world honors Susan Boyle and other legends who left their marks in the show’s history.

Following a one-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition show, “Britain’s Got Talent” finally aired its fifteenth season. The latest installment, which debuted on April 16, 2022, featured appearances from Judges Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon and David Williams.

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly also reprised their spots as hosts on the show. While this appears to be business as usual, fans couldn’t hide their yearnings for some former contestants and their amazing stints.

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The British public took their nostalgic feelings a notch further, voting for their top 10 most iconic moments in “BGT” history. The polls put Susan Boyle’s audition in first place, while infamous acts like Diversity and Stavros Flatley follow closely.

Here is a complete list of the ten most iconic moments on “Britain’s Got Talent,” from Susan Boyle performing “I Dreamed A Dream,” to Lost Voice Guy’s comedy routine.

1. Susan Boyle (71%)

Susan Boyle auditioned for the third season of “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009, singing her way into the hearts of the audience. She performed a track from the Les Miserables musical titled “I Dreamed A Dream,” earning her a standing ovation.

Before her performance, the crowd had already written off the then-47-year-old dreamer at first glance. However, by the end of her audition, she completely changed their perception of her, snagging the approval of all three judges.

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That moment went down in the show’s history as a “wake up call,” as Holden rightly stated. Thirteen years later, the British public voted that audition as the most iconic moment in “BGT ” history.

2. Diversity (60%)

Although Diversity beat Susan Boyle to first place at the end of 2009’s “BGT,” the later seemed to have made more of an impression. This is evident in the recent poll, which voted their initial audition as the show’s second most-iconic moment with 60%.

The dance group, led by Ashley Banjo won over the audience with their routines, managing to keep them captivated beyond the audition and throughout their stint.

3. Stavros Flatley (56%)

The father-son dance duo of Demetrios and Michalakis Andreas dubbed Stavros Flatley is another act worth remembering on the show. The recent public ranking voted their initial audition for the 2009 “BGT” as the third most-iconic moment, scoring 56%.

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The moment was indeed iconic, as no one expected such magic from the funny-looking twosome. In fact, the judges looked noticeably bored as a dramatic voice-over introduced the pair. But once they appeared on stage shirtless, the hall erupted into rapturous applause.

4. Ashley And Pudsey (50%)

With a vote of 50%, Ashley and Pudsey emerge in fourth place with their dance to the Flintstones during the show’s sixth season in 2012. The dog trick act, comprising Ashleigh Butler and her then 6-year-old Border Collie Pudsey impressed the judges with their performance.

The judges, left visibly stunned, could only praise the pair, with Simon Cowell describing Pudsy as the best dancing dog he ever saw. The two went on to win the competition that year, making history as the first dog trick act to win “BGT.”

Ashley and Pudsey on "Britain's Got Talent " | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

5. Paul Potts (47%)

Paul Potts’ 2007 “Britain’s Got Talent” audition left the audience in tears as they listened to him sing “Nessum Dorma.”

Such an extraordinary performance from a music enthusiast who worked as a mobile phone salesman left the judges in shock. Commending his performance, Holden noted Potts was a case of “a lump of coal that would be turned into a diamond.

True to her words, he became the diamond that season, emerging the first-ever winner of “Britain’s Got Talent.” Potts went on to compete in “America’s Got Talent,” reaching the top 12. Today, he boasts of seven hot selling albums and numerous concert performances.

6. George Sampson (31%)

George Sampson’s “Dancing In the Rain” dance performance during the semi-finals of the 2008 “BGT” couldn’t have gone better. He ended up winning that season, with the infamous track following him throughout his career.

Although he has since starred in other reality competition shows, his 2008 performance remains etched in people’s memories. Little wonder the British public voted it as the sixth most memorable moment in the show’s history.

7. Lost Voice Guy (30%)

Lee Ridley contested during the 2018 series of “BGT,” and went on to emerge the champion of that season. For his audition, the comedian, who goes by the stage name Lost Voice Guy, performed a memorable comedy routine filled with self-deprecating jokes about his inability to speak.

Having lost his voice at six months old following his cerebral palsy diagnosis, the icon utilized a voice synthesizer. His jokes won over the judges and audience and went down in history as one of the most iconic performances on the show.

8. Twist And Pulse (24%)

The dancing duo Twist and Pulse brought unmatched energy to the stage throughout their run on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2010. The act, consisting of Ashley Glazebrook and Glen Murphy, stamped their names in people’s hearts with their comedic street dance routines.

They eventually finished as runners up in the fourth season, making “streetomedy” a thing. The twosome returned to the “BGT” stage years later as contestants on 2019’s “Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions,” emerging winners.

9. Colin Thackery (15%)

Ten years after Susan Boyle changed the narrative on “Britain’s Got Talent,” the world was privileged to hear Korean War veteran Colin Thackery sing on the show. During his audition, he moved viewers to tears with his rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings,” paying tribute to his late wife.

That iconic moment set him on the path to victory. The then-89-year-old ended up winning the show’s 2019 series, becoming the oldest winner ever. Sure enough, he had big plans for his £250 thousand grand price.

10. Illusionist Darcy Oakes (12%)

Not every day does one get to witness doves fly out of thin air on live TV, and in front of a live audience. Hence, when Illusionist Darcy Oakes pulled it off at the 2014 “BGT” auditions, his name certainly remained etched on everyone’s lips.

He followed the dove act with another performance that left the audience even more stunned. This time, the magician covered a bird cage with a cloth, only to remove it seconds later to reveal his female assistant seated there instead.

The performance earned him a unanimous “yes” from the judges. Although Oakes ended up finishing in fifth place that year, his mind-blowing performance ranked as the tenth most iconic moment on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Like Fantasia Barrino, Tyra Banks and other celebrities who thrilled the world with their unique acts on competition shows, these ten figures have forever imprinted their names in history.

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