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10 Stars Who Were Born To Famous People

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While many celebrities have humble beginnings of starting from scratch before attaining milestones in the spotlight, there are some who got master classes from their already famous parents.

Many celebrities have worked their way to the top before owning the much-deserved fame. However, while some had very humble beginnings, there are some who had stepping stones.

These are those born to famous parents, and they make a good percentage of the spotlights. Some of these stars include Thomas Rhett, Jennifer Aniston, and Dakota Johnson.

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Dakota Johnson

Hollywood actress Dakota Johnson has stamped her place among top movies, but before coming into her own, Dakota watched her parents, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, claim stardom. It is safe to say that the “Fifty Shades of Grey” star learned from the best.

Colin Hanks

When Colin Hanks appears on the TV screen, his face may strike a chord because of the uncanny resemblance he holds to his A-luster father, Tom Hanks. Colin is the first child of Tom Hanks from his marriage to Samantha Lewis.

Enrique Iglesias

The award-winning music star came into the limelight in the 90s for his unique touch to Spanish music. However, there was a previous Iglesias before him. His father, Julio Iglesias, is a Spanish singer and songwriter who also formerly played professional football.

Jennifer Aniston

“Friends” icon Jennifer Aniston started her acting career at an early age, having drawn inspiration from her famous parents John Aniston and Nancy Dow. During his hay days, John was best known for his role on “Days of Our Lives.” Dow starred in smaller movie projects before her passing.

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Chet Haze

Chet Haze is a rapper and actor known for “Shameless.” Chet has been in the spotlights for different reasons, sometimes for his misconduct. He is the son of Hollywood power couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Once speaking about his son, Hanks noted that parents love their kids unconditionally.

Elle King

Rock crooner Elle King started her music career in 1998 and has been recognized with several awards. King is the daughter of star comedian and actor Rob Schneider. The actor is known for movies like “The Hot Chicks,” “The Benchwarmers, and “Grown Ups.”

Wyatt Russell

Wyatt Russell first worked as a Hockey player before switching to the movie industry. The actor has appeared in a number of movies, including “Overlord, “The Woman in the Window,” “22 Jump Street,” and “The Walking Dead.” Wyatt is the son of Classic movie icons Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

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Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz has carved a niche in the movie industry, stepping out of the shadows of her famous parents. The “Big Little Lies” actress is the daughter of “The Cosby Show” icon Lisa Bonet and Grammy-winning musician Lenny Kravitz.

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett is a chart-topping singer who has 13 songs making it to the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. His father is Rhett Akins, who has a successful music career. He has also written award-winning songs for stars like Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan.

Romeo Miller

Many Hip Hop fans would recall that Romeo Miller was the first Lil Romeo when he was little. At the age of 12, he landed his first Hot 100 ranking at No 3 for his track, “My Baby.” As Romeo Miller, he has continued his music career.

He is the son of music boss Master P, whose career in the 1990s put him among the highest-grossing entertainers at the time. Master P is very much in the music industry, only this time, he leans more to the business side.

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