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10 Celebs Who Have Experienced Cancel Culture

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In recent times, the cancel culture has been on the increase, most especially because of the high level of sensitive topics. Celebrities have been at the receiving end for a while now.

Over the years, the advent of social media has given more power to fans and critics alike who use the wide range of available social media platforms to air their views.

As many have witnessed, there has been a surge of calling out and cancellations against what some social media users have termed inappropriate. Most often than not, people in the spotlight fall victim to this cancel culture. Here’s a list of celebrities who have had to face such situations.

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Abby Lee Miller

“Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller went under fire after her fellow star Adrianna Smith opened up and alleged that she was racist. Smith made it known that while they filmed the 8th season of “Dance moms,” Miller made some hurtful comments.

She noted that the TV star indicated that her daughter, Kamryn was only in the show because the producers wanted to provide “a sprinkle of color.” In response to this, Miller took to Instagram, where she penned an apology.

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Jimmy Fallon

The A-list showman’s cancellation played out in real-time, and if anything, it was an indication that old-time misconducts could always come back to haunt the present. Back in 2000, Fallon wore blackface.

At the time, it was his hilarious attempt to imitate Chris Rock. However, critics came after him and clamped down on the act. Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx intervened, but it seemed critics were hellbent on cancellation.

J.K Rowling

The iconic author had voiced her opinion on Twitter where she called out the phrase, “people who menstruate. She seemed to have disapproved of what the phrase was replacing.

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It did not stop there, as Rowling showed support for a female researcher who shared that a person’s gender cannot be changed. The “Harry Potter” creator was accused of being transphobic.

Anna Wintour

The Editor-in-Chief of Vogue was accused for her history of not honoring black employees and content creators who work with vogue. Wintour addressed the issue, taking cognizance and promising a change.

Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres’ cancellation came as a shocker because of the generally warm, cheerful, optimistic, and kind theme she built her “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on. The star was accused of having a toxic work environment.

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has been quite vocal about his disapproval of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Most times, his angry addresses are directed at Meghan Markle.

However, he did not quite get off it after dismissing Markle’s racist claims about the royal family. Markle has stated this in her interview with Oprah Winfrey. Morgan was vilified by the public for his opinions.

Da Baby

Da Baby has been garnering fame for a while now for his mainstream music. However, a few months ago, the rapper’s name became even more famous, only this time it was for the wrong reasons.

During a recent performance, Da Baby made some comments about HIV/AIDS. Many deemed it inappropriate, and he worsened things when he made homophobic comments as well.

Chrissy Teigen

The Cookbook author and “Twitter Mayor” was dethroned after some of her old conversations with other celebrities were unearthed. Teigen, who mostly used social media for humor, was found to have been toxic to other stars.

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