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A Timeline of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’s Romance

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Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa have been committed to each other from the word go! And that commitment led to over two decades of marital bliss and some lovely kids.

Hollywood power couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos went from “All My Children” to “Happily Ever After,” only that the former is a soap opera and the latter is their real-life romance.

Mark and Ripa have been man and wife for over twenty years, being each other’s support system through their careers and family life. Here’s a look through the timeline of their love.

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Inside Their Love Story

Ripa and Mark met in the mid-90s while she was a star on “All My Children.” At the time, she had played Hayley Vaughan for five years. At a point, the TV director had wanted a Latino actor for the role of Vaughan’s boyfriend.

After many auditions, Mark came along, and the director knew he was the man for the role. Ripa once recalled setting her eyes on Mark and being instantly smitten. She made it known she saw her future with him flash before her eyes.

The pair morphed from colleagues to lovers until they finally tied the knot. Their first son, Michael Consuelos, was born in 1997, and their only daughter, Lola, was born in 2001.

Ripa once shared the inspiration behind naming Lola. She shared that during labor, she and her spouse drove in a taxi to the hospital. While in the cab, the radio played Barry Hallow’s “Copacabana.”

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And then a part of the lyrics, “Her name was Lola,” came on. Ripa shared that right there, and then she and Mark reached a consensus about naming their daughter. Their last child, Joaquin, was born in 2003.

How They Have Kept It Going

Although the pair are one of Hollywood’s finest couples, Mark and Ripa have been through their fair share of rocky moments. However, one thing they agreed on is always to work it out.

Through the years, the pair have remained in awe of each other. Mark, 50, once shared that he was “crazy” about his wife as he noted that she was an “extremely patient and tolerant woman.”

Sometimes the couple’s romance becomes too much to handle for their children, but subtly and hilariously. On social media, Lola often scolds her mom for her cheesy romantic lines.

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Ripa Says Her Marriage is Traditional

The Hollywood stars have been able to pride themselves as a “progressive couple,” however, according to them, they consider their marriage to be traditional.

The “Live With Kelly and Ryan” star mentioned that this was because her job has never taken her away from home, such that she had time to rest their kids. On the other hand, the “Riverdale” actor finds himself traveling for work most times.

Above all, Ripa has shared that the secret to keeping things going has to do with how couples should fight for each other. She relayed that abuse should not be excused, but outside that, married couples should always try to make things work.

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