Monday, June 17, 2024
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HomeNewsRemington Gun Factory Shuts Down Operations in New York

Remington Gun Factory Shuts Down Operations in New York

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The nation’s oldest gun manufacturer, based in New York, is moving. After over 200 years in the state, the Remington Gun factory is moving to Georgia indefinitely. As it is a relevant part of recent history, they will leave their mark when they move. 

This decision will impact the workers and other local businesses around them. About 300 people will lose their source of income, leading to significant economic impact and loss of community identity. The mayor of Ilion, New York, John P. Stephens, said it is a huge loss for the community. 

“Two hundred and eight years of history. Gone, gone,” he said. “Ilion is Remington. Remington is Ilion.” The locals are also used to having the gun factory around, which will be a significant change in the coming times. A former factory employee said, “When Remington leaves, it’s not going to be like a facility leaving; it’s going to be like part of your family has moved off.”

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Since New York implemented its restrictive gun laws, the Remington’s days have been counting down. Therefore, the company is moving to Georgia, which has more accommodating rules.

The company’s officials have also expressed excitement about moving to a state that supports the Second Amendment. 

RemArms CEO Ken D’Arcy also made a statement concerning their move to the southern state. “We are very excited to come to Georgia, a state that not only welcomes business but enthusiastically supports and welcomes companies in the firearms industry,” he said. “Everyone involved in this process has shown how important business is to the state and how welcoming they are to all businesses, including the firearms industry.

Moreover, a lot of Republicans are against the restrictive gun laws in the country. Recently, many gun manufacturers have been moving to southern states for this reason. Smith & Wesson also moved from Massachusetts to Tennessee last year.

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However, the residents are still very sad that they have to leave. “My mom and dad worked there. My wife and daughter work there with me now,” one of them said. He added, “My second daughter also works there with me now. And my son-in-law works there. So, it’s a double-hit for me and my wife: two of us out of a job.”

Like the residents, Mayor Stephens believes people will struggle when Remington leaves. “It’s like the town is losing its soul. It’s almost like losing a family member. That’s the thing that people are struggling with the nostalgia, [and] the history. It feels like we are losing the identity of the town,” he said. 

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“I’ve spoken to a few businesses, that’s the part financially that’s going to hurt. Even if it’s only 300 people, they still buy gas, they still buy shoes. That’s going to be a hit to the local businesses.”

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Gun violence has increased over the years, and several states are trying to implement laws to reduce incidents. However, this may have a bigger impact on the economy of such places than the administrations realize. 

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