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Chloe Fineman Speaks About Her Buzziest “SNL” Sketches in New Campaign

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A picture of Chloe Fineman
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While some recognize Chloe Fineman as the chief impressionist at “SNL,” she hints at possibly departing the 49th season with a new title. “I’m ‘Girl who’s hoisted by hunky men’ this year, and I’m really not mad about it,” she joked to CNN recently.

Fineman referenced two memorable sketches that had her leaping into the arms of “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa and “Euphoria” star Jacob Elordi, respectively. Indeed, it has been quite the season for Fineman, who has been on the long-running sketch show since 2019.

She has engaged in street ballet with Julia Stiles and had a memorable encounter with Timothée Chalamet after delivering an uncanny impression of him.

Amid promoting her new campaign with NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer, Fineman sat down with CNN to discuss some of her most talked-about sketches from what many consider her standout season yet.

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It wasn’t until approximately 11:30 p.m. on the Friday night before the live taping of a December episode of “SNL” that Fineman received confirmation from a producer that the “Save the Last Dance” sketch she had pitched was approved.

As the clock struck midnight, the first call was placed to the star of the 2001 movie, Julia Stiles, to inquire if she was available for a cameo in the sketch that paid homage to the film. Fortunately, Stiles was not only awake at that late hour, but she was also enthusiastic about participating.

“She just happened to be in New York and was like, ‘Sure, yeah, I’ll get a sitter!’” Fineman said. The last-minute decision to move forward with the sketch left little time to prepare before showtime.

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Reading cue cards while simultaneously performing choreography on a live show posed a new challenge for Fineman. She dedicated time to work closely with a choreographer on the day of the live show, rehearsing in what she described as “this weird gym we have in 30 Rock that supposedly only Seth Meyers works out at.”

Stiles arrived around 5 p.m. to rehearse with Fineman, fully prepared to “practice and get it right.” The sketch showcases Stiles and Fineman, illustrating that the ideal “intimate” holiday gift is the crucial Juilliard audition dance from the end of the movie. Fineman narrates the plot humorously while executing her unique take on the routine.

At the end, Stiles was greeted with enthusiastic cheers and applause as she joined Fineman on the “SNL” stage for the surprise cameo. “For the audience to freak out the way they did,” Fineman remarked, “I thought it was so special and so cool.”

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While the sketch was successful, the final product differed from its initial conception. Fineman revealed that it was originally written for Adam Driver, who hosted the episode and was intended to be the recipient of her steamy holiday “gift.” However, the sketch changed direction to include Stiles instead.

“I did a table read and Adam Driver’s just looking at me and I’m like, ‘Another day at the office making a fool out of myself with, like, the greatest actor of our generation. Cool, cool, cool,’” she recalled, laughing.

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