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A Quick Recap of the Episodes of “Rizzoli and Isles” Season 7

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The TNT crime series, “Rizzoli And Isles” went off-air in 2016, after running for seven seasons. Its final season ran for thirteen episodes, bringing an end to the long-running series.

Detective Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles walked away from household TV screens in 2016 after seven seasons of crime-fighting adventures. The series, “Rizzoli and Isles” based on the books by Tess Gerritsen, premiered in 2010. Remarkably, it skyrocketed the roleplayers, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander to superstardom, sealing their name among entertainment giants.

In thirteen seasons, the series’ finale gave viewers a well-deserved closure to the adventures of Jane and Maura. Here is a brief recap of the episodes of “Rizzoli and Isles” season 7, complete with every action-packed storyline brought to life by the casts of the series.


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The first episode of the TNT series’ seventh season titled “Two Shots: Move Forward,” focused on Jane’s plight as she embarked on a mission to find Alice Sands and bring her to book. The detective believed the escaped suspect, Sands, instigated a confrontation at a bar that left Maura with a head injury and Nina, with a gunshot wound requiring surgery.

Meanwhile, Sands, who had been hiding among tunnel dwellers devised a revenge plot against Jane Rizzoli with the aid of her accommodators. Sensing impending danger, Korsak postponed his retirement to protect Jane from whatever Sands had in store. For the episode’s shocker, Angela called off her relationship with Ron “for the good of everyone.”


More determined to seek justice, Jane continued her search for Alice in this next episode titled “Dangerous Curve Ahead.” In her quest, she discovered Alice’s accountant, responsible for smuggling drug money for the fugitive. However, officers shot the accountant dead before he could spill any useful information about his boss.

Jane hoped the accountant’s death and the resulting implication on Alice’s access to funds would force her out of her shell. Eventually, Maura’s examinations proved the blood on the accountant’s shirt was bovine blood. The discovery gave the police force a lead on the fugitive’s whereabouts. They arrested her shortly after at a deli.

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Alice’s lawyer, Phillip Dayton managed to secure her release in the absence of physical evidence linking her to the shooting. Luckily, they found a connection between Alice’s prison escape and the death of a state trooper. In her flight, the fugitive held a teenager at gunpoint, forcing Jane to shoot her.


Episode three, “Cops vs. Zombies,” detailed the team’s investigation of a murder case linked to a zombie convention. The episode also focused on Angela’s attempts to secure her GED having dropped out of high school as a teenager since her ex-husband thought it irrelevant.


In the fourth episode titled “Post Mortem,” Jane Rizzoli and her team looked into the death of a postal worker. CJ Prescot, a US Postal Inspection Service agent joined the team in their investigation. He believed the murder was related to a previous death of a janitor at the post office which he was already investigating.

The uncovered information connected both deaths to illegal packages of contraband possibly run by the postal worker. To crown the episode, Maura booked an appointment with a surgeon as her head injury worsened, leading to unbearable memory lapses.


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Following the death of a woman who fell from the stairs in her home, the team launched an investigation to find out if the fall was accidental as portrayed. The first stage of their investigation easily ruled out accidental death, leaving the pressing question of who the murderer was among her close contacts.

As fears for Maura’s life heightened among fans amid her impending surgery, the series introduced her mom, Hope. Her visit right before the surgery and their emotional exchanges left fans of “Rizzoli and Isles” wondering if Maura dies in the end.

Drifting away from the teary moments, Frankie and Nina went public with their developing relationship to everyone’s surprise. The episode was indeed deserving of its title, “Shadow of Doubts.”


Good News! Maura survived the surgery without complications. But it appeared the procedure tampered with more than her cognitive devices as she began viewing her literary interests as more than just a hobby. Getting writing advice from a renowned author, Tess Gerritsen was all the push she needed to take a break from crime-fighting and pursue her literary dreams.

Moving away from Maura’s personal life, the team became caught up in the murder of a cancer patient. The investigations led to the discovery that supernatural forces may be involved, hence the title, “There Be Ghosts.”


Jane landed a mandate to teach a class of recruits in Quantico. A particularly misogynistic student made the task a bitter pill to swallow. However, the detective was determined to give only her best. Back in Boston, her team tried to solve a case of spontaneous human combustion.

The episode, “Dead Weight,” also focused on Angela’s mission to find a befitting apartment to live out her post-breakup phase.


Jane Rizzoli | Image: YouTube/TV Promos

“2m7258-100,” the “Rizzoli and Isles” season 7’s eighth episode saw Jane in action in her quest to uncover the suspect of a double homicide. A witness to the incident ended up imprisoned, prompting the detective to go undercover as one of the prisoners.

While undercover, she gathered enough information from the witness that could help track down the real murderer and solve the case. The episode was a special one in celebration of the show’s overall 100th episode and featured a guest appearance from “Cagney & Lacey” actress, Sharon Gless.


The ninth episode of the TNT show’s final season was titled “65 Hours.” Like the tile, it had the entire squad working on a deadline to retrieve the only forensic evidence in a double homicide. The evidence, which mysteriously went missing from the department happened to be the only means of incriminating the suspect.

Hence, the team had the option of finding the forensic piece or any other incriminating evidence concerning the murder within the deadline or risk the suspect’s release for lack of evidence.


“For Richer or Poorer,” the season’s tenth episode opened up wounds from Maura’s past following the death of a forensic accountant in a shooting. The incident uncovered a Ponzi scheme and the shocking discovery that Maura Isles’ ex-husband was the prime suspect.

Meanwhile, Angela’s ex-boyfriend, Ron, showed up in her life once again, professing his love for her and intentions to remain in her life despite her risky career path.


Following the discovery of a body lumped in a casket with another corpse right before the burial, the team embarked on a suspense-filled investigation. Their investigative venture set the episode, “Stiffed” in motion.

Outside the Boston police department, Jane Rizzoli’s initial inquiry about a teaching position with the FBI inspired by her time teaching in Quantico received approval. Tommy and TJ returned with Boston, while Angela came to term with the reality that Jane would commence work with the FBI.


In the twelfth episode titled “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,” Korsak looked into the murders of a man and his daughter forty years apart. Having dated the daughter’s sister years back, he knew about the case even before joining the police force. Admittedly, the case inspired his career choice all those decades ago.

Affected by the man’s death, Korsak decided to finally throw in the towel. Jane on her part was busy preparing her move to Quantico, with Angela and Maura’s supportive presence making the decision harder.

As the episode rounded up, Maura began nursing the idea of taking time off her job as the medical examiner. She decided to spend her time off in France working on a new book.


The grand finale of “Rizzoli and Isles” aired on September 5, 2016. Going by the title, “Ocean-Frank” the episode covered the team’s final investigation, which involved a dead man discovered handcuffed to a bedpost.

Korsak’s retirement came a month early, leaving everyone unprepared to say goodbye. For the best season’s closure ever, Jane Rizzoli decided to join her best friend, Maura Isles on her one month vacation to Paris. 

As far as happy endings go, that’s one closure fans won’t be quick to forget. Little wonder the world still yearns for an eighth season over four years later.

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