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Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page Is of Zimbabwean Origin: Here Are Few Details about the Star

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Hollywood icon, Regé-Jean Page hit the spotlights in 2004 and has since proven himself as a force to reckon with in the movie industry.

Best known for his role as the daring Duke of Hastings in the Netflix original series, “Bridgerton,” actor Regé-Jean Page has the world of Netflix subscribers at his feet. With his poise, charisma, and beauty, the 30-year-old star rendered the role of the Duke of Hastings flawlessly, leaving his name on everyone’s lips.

Aside from being a captivating actor, there are other facts about Regé-Jean Page which have set him apart in the movie industry, including his Zimbabwean origin.

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Born in London in 1990, to a Zimbabwean nurse and an English priest, Page spent his childhood in Harare, Zimbabwe. He grew up with three siblings and embraced music as a child, singing in a band alongside his younger brother.

At fourteen, the icon returned to the United Kingdom to complete his secondary school education. While in London, the star began acting as a hobby. He signed up for a Saturday class where he practiced singing, dancing, and acting. Regé-Jean Page’s acting endeavors steered him off his parents’ desire for him to become a sound engineer.

Soon, Page decided to embrace acting professionally. He spent two years auditioning at the Drama Center, London, before eventually gaining acceptance. The star graduated in 2013 and soon after, commenced his career pursuits.


Regé-Jean Page ventured into acting in 2004, starring in the 2004 stage play, “The History Boys,” by Alan Bennett. As a teenager, he also starred in the stage performance of “The Merchant Of Venice,” opposite Jonathan Pryce.

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Two years after graduating from the Drama Center, London, the actor landed a role in the final season of the BBC Three series, “Waterloo Road.”

The 30-year-old made his big break a year later, starring as Chicken George in the miniseries, “Roots,” in 2016. The movie represented Page’s first foray into the American movie industry, and ultimately, skyrocketed him to stardom.


Following his stint as Chicken George, Page quickly climbed the Hollywood ladder. In 2016, he played the lead character in the ABC drama, “Spark.” The next year, he snagged a role in the Legal drama, “For The People.” The Shonda Rhimes-produced series ran for two seasons before going off-air.

Page went on to star in “Mortal Engines” and “Sylvie’s Love” before eventually signing his name for good in the Hollywood book of superstardom with his role as Simon Bassett, the Duke of Hastings in Netflix’s “Bridgerton.”

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Page has been open about his Hollywood dreams and what he hoped to accomplish in the entertainment industry. During a 2020 interview, the star pointed out the bias in portraying black people as enslaved and unhappy in most historical dramas, while only the white folks live happily.

Going further, he noted the importance of acknowledging that even in their dilemma, the black community always had reasons to smile, celebrate, love, and enjoy happiness. Hence, his mission to embark on projects that represent black joy, bringing those happy moments to the spotlights. So far, his characters in movies have broadly represented that, from “Roots” to “Bridgertons.”

Aside from acting, the star has also kept up with his love for music, as one half of the musical duo, TUNYA alongside his brother, Tose Page. Additionally, he showcased his musical prowess in the 2020 short film titled “Don’t Wait” by Lanre Malaolu.


Regé-Jean Page gained his “Bridgerton” stardom amid incessant debate about who would take over as the next James Bond in 2021. Several names that could fit the suit have popped up so far, including Idris Elba, and James Norton.

Notably, Page’s outstanding performance on the Netflix period-drama has put him on the list of probable contenders. Several fans have suggested the icon was best-suited for the role. Such comments gave rise to speculations that indeed, Page was the new James Bond.

But the actor has since addressed the rumors, expressing how pleased he was that the internet thought him a worthy contender for the 007 role. With an odd of 5/1 as per the betting site, Ladbrokes, the assertions seem almost feasible.

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