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Oregon Woman Facing Animal Abuse Charge for Dying Cat Pink To Put It Up for Adoption

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A picture of the Oregon woman's kitten
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A 39-year-old Oregon woman facing an animal abuse charge will put her cat up for adoption. The unidentified woman applied a cleaning agent to her pet cat, temporarily dyeing him hot pink in early December. According to her arrest document, she rushed the kitten to a Portland-based animal hospital on December 12.

The cat was “severely hypoglycemic, hypothermic, in shock, and barely responsive.” She had also dyed the kitten hot pink, with the color all over its body and face. However, the woman told the pet clinic that she cleaned the kitten with a cocktail of Windex.

She also said she used Spic and Span, a household cleaning agent, and alcohol to clean him because the tiny feline had diarrhea. According to reports, the alcohol caused the kitten’s body temperature to drop and become hypothermic. 

Also, the owner did not understand that the chemicals were toxic to the kitten. However, the kitten’s owner confessed to Oregon Humane Society law enforcement agent Christopher J. Allori. According to the arrest document, she used the chemicals to “clean her kitten.”

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After rushing her cat to the hospital, the vet hospital reported the incident to the Oregon Humane Society. According to the hospital representative, they have no legal authority to remove the kitten from its owner. Days after the hospital made the report, Oregon Humane Society law enforcement officer Christopher Allori contacted the woman.

A week after the encounter at the animal hospital, Portland Police received a call from a hotel manager. The hotel manager asked the officers to help evict a woman. However, the woman was the kitten’s owner. Consequently, they called the Oregon Humane Society.

Allori, who had spoken to her before, was present when they took her into custody. According to the arrest document, she had a stroller with a pink cat and a black chihuahua in the motel room. After her arrest, officers immediately placed her kitten in the care of the Oregon Humane Society.

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However, they placed the chihuahua in the care of Multnomah County Animal Services, according to OHS President & CEO Sharon Harmon. However, no evidence indicates that she also mistreated the dog. “What’s really amazing about this case is that it may just be a kitten,” Harmon said. 

“But you had four agencies all working together to save this little guy.” Following the incident, the kitten’s owner has remained at the Multnomah County Detention Center. According to reports, she entered a not-guilty plea to the charge. However, the woman was on probation at the time of her arrest. 

Before the animal abuse charge, authorities convicted the woman of attempting to kidnap a 6-year-old boy in August 2021. Also, she threatened the boy’s parents with a machete in downtown Portland. Following the incident, the Oregon Humane Society named the kitten Ken.

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Harmon said it was a way to have fun after the Barbie pink dye fiasco. She added that they expect Ken to recover from the chemicals applied to his fur fully. Harmon also said he is doing very well in foster care. Since Oregon law considers animals property, the kitten still belongs to its original owner until the court adjudicates the case.

Consequently, Ken won’t be available for adoption until they resolve the matter in court. Also, he will remain pink till he can grow a new coat.

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