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Here Are Some of the U.S. Cities People Are Fleeing In Droves

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Like every other country in the world, the population levels across America continue to change. These numbers indicate what cities are growing bigger or smaller due to various economic issues. Also, cities that are top choices for Americans to live in the United States change over the years and seasons.

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New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are just a few cities that attract thousands of residents yearly. However, not every city brings thousands of new residents. These days, people are leaving some popular cities because of economic and social challenges and moving to cities that make them feel comfortable and safe.

One of the cities that are recording a declining population is the city of Selma, Alabama. Selma is very popular in American history because it was the backdrop of the civil rights movement and the Selma Voting Rights Movement. Regardless of its cultural and social history, the figures show that more people are leaving the city. Selma’s population has fallen by 13.8%.

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Another city that a lot of people are leaving is Cordele, Georgia. Over the years, the city has struggled to get people to stay. The local government even passed a law it hoped would help stop the rate of its population decline. For example, taxes will be reduced to encourage people to live in the city.

Cities like Honolulu, Hawaii, are popular locations, especially because of tourism. Unfortunately, fewer people stay in the city to make it their home. According to the census, Honolulu has already lost 11.1% of its population. One main reason many people choose to relocate from the Hawaiian city is the cost of living. So, people are looking for cheaper cities they could call home.

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Another city watching its population dry out is Newport, Kentucky. Although it is often considered the urban center of northern Kentucky, Newport’s population has been on a downward trend as far back as the 1950s. More recently, the city recorded a 10% drop in population between 2000 and 2010.

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Furthermore, down in Shreveport, Louisiana, there’s been a consistent loss of residents annually. In 2010, its population reduced by 5.2%, and all signs indicate that it could even worsen. Unlike other cities, Shreveport isn’t implementing any policies to encourage people to remain in the city or move in.

Baltimore is one of the most prominent cities in America, but this hasn’t made the city immune to losing its residents. About 1.2% of the city’s population has moved to other cities. Also, it is unfortunate that while America’s population has grown since 2000, Baltimore still has to watch residents leave.

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Ocean City, New Jersey, is another city affected by the loss of residents. Although the city welcomes many tourists each year, the permanent residents choose other cities more conducive for them. Between 2000 and 2010, 23.9% of Ocean City’s residents moved away, and the trend has continued. 

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Other cities that people are leaving include Flint, St. Louis, Goldsboro, Youngstown, Niagara Falls, Johnstown, Baker City, Corcoran, Spartanburg, Warwick, Hot Springs, and more. One consistent factor for residents moving out of these cities is the cost of living. Although real estate prices are not constant, one thing that is guaranteed is that Americans will continue to seek out the best cities for themselves and their families.

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