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Unidentified Woman Walks Away With Cash After Pretending To Be a Waffle House Employee

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In December 2023, the Riverdale Police found themselves in a dilemma after responding to a strange case. The case involves an unidentified woman pretending to be a Georgia Waffle House employee.

The woman worked for some hours before walking off with some cash. No, she was not invincible. According to the cops, the lady appeared at the Waffle House location in Riverdale, over 10 miles south of Atlanta.

It was the evening of December 12, 2023, and she was in full uniform. She let the other employees know she was joining them for the shift, and they asked no further questions. 

After working a couple of hours, the woman took about $130 from the cash register and made her exit. According to the cops, she worked a total of two hours.

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Then, CCTV video captured her “accessing the register tablet, opening the register, and stealing cash.” It was a theft. However, nobody noticed anything unusual until the following day when management realized a robbery had occurred. 

A Waffle House manager reported the incident to police. The manager also pointed out how the other Waffle House location had also been experiencing theft issues. The unknown woman reportedly “works or used to work for Waffle House.” 

The Riverdale Police Department is on the lookout for the woman. They have asked the public on Facebook if they knew the woman in a post that detailed all that went down.  

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“Do you know me? On December 12, 2023, at approximately 7 pm, the unidentified female pretended to work at the Waffle House located at 6544 Hwy 85, Riverdale, Clayton County, Georgia 30274,” it reads. The post also mentioned that she worked hours before making off with cash she took from the cash register.

The police are still investigating the case, and the post has helped. Riverdale Police Chief Todd Spivey told USA Today that the department received some helpful phone calls after the post went up. 

They have been able to identify the woman in question. However, the department is still working towards obtaining probable cause or reasonable grounds for making an arrest. 

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A Waffle House spokesperson said they know that police now have a name and were seeking an arrest warrant. But also asked that all questions go to law enforcement given the “pending active investigation.” 

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The spokesperson seemed to allude to the possibility of the lady being a seasonal worker.

“They would not necessarily be known by everyone at a restaurant, particularly if they stated that they were sent from another restaurant. So, that’s not entirely unusual,” the spokesperson said. 

While a suspect has been identified, her identity will remain withheld until the sheriff’s office attempts to serve a warrant.

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