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Panic as Popular Chicken Grocery Brand Recalls Over 26,000 Pounds Products

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A picture of TGI Fridays honey barbecue boneless chicken bites
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Most American households keep easy-to-make appetizers in their freezer year-round. It’s almost a routine in the average American household to have easy-to-cook groceries in the freezer. However, if you’re a fan of TGI Fridays “Honey BBQ” flavored boneless chicken bites, now’s the time to check your freezer. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) issued an alert on December 15, 2023. The alert revealed that the manufacturers are recalling more than 26,000 pounds of the product. 

The restaurant chain’s supplier, Simmons Prepared Foods Inc., voluntarily recalled the product due to possible contamination. According to the high-risk class 1 notice, they believe “extraneous materials, especially clear, hard plastic,” contaminated the bites.

According to reports, the TGI Fridays boneless chicken bites authorities are recalling are all in 15-ounce cartons with a production date of October 3, 2023. Also, consumers can identify the products by the lot code “KL3K03” and the establishment number “P-20287.” These codes are inside the standard USDA inspection mark.

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In addition, the alert noted that these TGI boneless chicken bites have a best-buy date of 12/26/2024. Also, the company distributed them nationwide. Consequently, the company called on Walmart customers, releasing a list of stores in 30 states that sold the recalled product.

According to reports, Simmons Prepared Foods Inc. received several complaints from customers. Many consumers complained about plastic beneath the breading of the honey barbecue-flavored bites. Consequently, the company alerted the FSIS about seeing “clear, hard plastic” in the honey barbecue-flavored bites. 

Fortunately, authorities have not recorded any injuries relating to this issue. However, the notice advises anyone the product might have harmed to contact a healthcare provider with concerns.

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The FSIS recommends that anyone who has purchased the TGI Fridays honey-barbecue boneless chicken bites should dispose of them. Also, the agency recommends an alternative, advising buyers to return them to their place of purchase for a refund. 

However, despite the recalls, food inspectors are concerned. They worry that bags of the recalled chicken bites may still be in freezers, given their consume-by date. Also, whether consumers will receive a refund or compensation for returning the chicken bites to the retail location is unclear. 

However, the notice advises consumers to call 1-(800)-280-7185 to contact the brand’s supplier, Simmons Prepared Foods Incorporated. While there have been several nationwide grocery recalls, this has raised eyebrows concerning the health risks.

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Also, the recall coincides with other recalls concerning issues issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on December 15, 2023. According to reports, the FDA withdrew several varieties of Quaker granola bars and cereals from shelves nationwide. 

Like the TGI Fridays honey-barbecue boneless chicken bites, they recalled the granola bars due to potential contamination. However, this time, with Salmonella. Aside from the Quaker granola bars recalls, the FDA also recalled a Fresh Express spinach. They recalled the spinach from seven states due to the possible presence of Listeria. 

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