Thursday, July 25, 2024
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These Makeup Trends Are Here to Take 2024 by Storm

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We are barely into the new year, and many have committed themselves to several New Year resolutions. But why not start 2024 with a blank slate? Up your makeup game by partaking in all the new 2024 makeup trends that are about to take off online and on the red carpets.

The makeup industry has grown over the years, and this year, there’s no stopping it. The playing field is vast, and several players have come forward with stunning looks that will take your makeup from mid to drop-dead gorgeous. There’s something for everyone, from vibrant pops of color to nude monochromatic looks. 

Laura Mercier, Global Beauty Director, Tayaba Jafri, points to previous trends that have set the scene for a super feminine 2024. Imagine all trends funneling into a new aesthetic Jafri refers to as ‘flushed femme.’

Regarding popular makeup colors, Allan Avendaño, L’Oréal Paris makeup artist, says, “The sky’s the limit.” Simply put, there’s lots of room to play and experiment. So, as a makeup girly, get your makeup brushes ready, as it’s about to be fun.

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Not a big makeup girly? There are still trends you can get in on, too. According to celebrity makeup artist Beck Wainner, minimalistic looks will be big this year. “Less is more will be the key player in 2024 as people focus on skincare more now than ever.”

According to professional makeup artists, Flushed Femme is one of the makeup trends defining 2024. Jafri explains that the flushed femme trend focuses on ultra-feminine styles. Also, it focuses on color palettes that are reflective of soft colors like rose, pink, peach, and lavender. 

However, unlike the more glaring fuchsias that defined the Barbiecore trend, this look is more subtle, with touches of pastel shades on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. You must admit that nothing feels as fresh as a pastel palette on the cheeks as the weather warms.

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Another makeup trend that will rock 2024 is the Ombré Lips. Real makeup girlies know that the Ombré lips have been saving lives since the ’90s. Avendaño says that 2024 will emphasize the lips, however, more excitingly than using the traditional liner, lipstick, and gloss in the same color family. 

Instead, go for “a combination of lipsticks to create a gradient hue,” he says. Makeup girlies can also use a darker lip liner, coloring the lips partially and then applying a gloss on top. Also, you can apply a darker lip liner and use your finger to blur it. Afterward, dab a lighter shade of lipstick in the middle to show visible contrast.

Also, for the no-makeup girlies, Minimalistic Makeup is here to stay. With so many colorful looks going viral, it’s nice to recognize that a pared-back style still has a place. Now, it’s up to you to choose your fighter. You can either forgo makeup entirely or wear a look that appears as though you’re not wearing any.

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In addition, Jafri says the Soft Goth makeup will be one of the most wearable trends in 2024. The look combines the dramatic dark and somber elements of goth with soft and light aspects of femininity. Also, Jafri suggests using reddish tones rather than the usual smoky black that the goth trend is famous for.

Avendaño also suggests that Pop of Colors is here to stay! “I think splashes of color and/or colored liners on the eyes will be a big trend for 2024,” he said. With a color-by-number approach, you can let your creativity shine by choosing the color or colors that speak to you. As a makeup girly, apply colors to your lid, crease, lash line, or the three this year!

Besides the five makeup trends mentioned, there are other makeup trends for you to jump on. They include Blurred Skin and Monochromatic Moment. So, you can add any or all of these to your 2024 makeup routines and serve that face on a bronze platter!

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