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The Debate on Transgender Athletes in Female Sports Rages on as Both Sides Stand Their Ground

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A Track Painted With the Colors of the Transgender Flag
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Transgender women are allowed to participate in regular female sports, and this causes a lot of controversies whenever they win an event. In Illinois, two transgender women (men who transitioned into women) won the gold and silver medals in this month’s state cyclocross women’s championship race.

This marks the second consecutive win for Evelyn Williamson and Tessa Johnson in the past two months. As expected, many people do not like this. To them, these results are unfair for several reasons.

For example, Johnson previously competed for Clemson University’s male cycling team for many years. She didn’t win many awards there, but since joining the women’s league, she has been unstoppable. 

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Equally important is Evelyn Williamson, who has won 18 first-place positions against women over the past few years. These two participate in women’s events every year, and they come out on top, proving that something is wrong. 

This debate is now a national issue as Congress has held several hearings from both sides. Generally, most Democrat council members are on the side of transgender athletes, while Republicans are mostly against them. Moreover, most people believe the Democrats are trying to downplay female rights and invalidate their concerns. 

For example, in a recent hearing, Democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) argued that people who do not want transgender athletes in female sports are only trying to discriminate. While it is true that people discriminate against transgender athletes, it is mostly not the case during these hearings.

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Trans athletes make up less than 1% of the population and are more or less demanding that the other 99% turn the other way. This is tough, considering how their biological makeup gives them a significant advantage over their female competitors.

Therefore, this forces the 99% to relinquish their safety, privacy, and fairness while competing. Across all sports, the trans athletes are winning medals and dominating all events. This has caused a lot of uproar from female athletes and fans alike.

While gender reassignment surgeries and hormone therapy help trans people feel more confident and like themselves, it doesn’t change their initial biology completely. Therefore, a transgender woman is still more strong and faster than a regular female. 

It is also scientifically proven that a transgender woman has the upper hand in physical fitness and sports activities. All these factors are significant to the females who believe they are being mistreated. They also mention these during all the hearings and interviews female advocates attend. 

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However, Congressional Democrats do not believe this. Instead, one of them recently called these claims “transphobic.” A rep directed this at former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, but she stood firm against this accusation. She claimed that they’re “misogynistic” and unfair to women. This altercation made several headlines as both parties stood their ground. 

In the coming weeks and months, these hearings will continue and get more challenging as they progress. Which side do you think will be victorious?  

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