Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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HomeNewsOklahoma Officials Ban Trans Pro Wrestler From Competing in the State

Oklahoma Officials Ban Trans Pro Wrestler From Competing in the State

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Oklahoma’s sports commission has reportedly stopped a transgender pro wrestler from wrestling against women. According to reports, the state’s sports officials asked a nationally televised professional wrestling promotion not to allow a transgender wrestler to face off against other women wrestlers again.

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According to the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission’s meeting minutes on January 3, 2024, the commission warned the trans wrestler against competing. They warned Nyla Rose, a Washington native who works for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), not to wrestle another woman.

The minutes became public on Tuesday, April 16, when Real Rasslin’ reported it. According to sources, the ban stemmed from a December 20, 2023 incident. That day, a wrestling match in Oklahoma City lasted 120 seconds, bell to bell between Rose and Alejandra Lion. 

Rose won after landing a powerbomb, sparking controversy. However, Rose’s win in the match ignited a debate on trans participation in women’s sports in the state. After Oklahoma officials stopped Rose from competing against women, she responded to them on X.

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She tweeted, “Don’t worry Oklahoma, I’ll find the dastardly Transgender that *checks notes* entertained fans!!! HOW DARE THEY MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY?!!!” Notably, the state’s sports commission used the wrong pronouns for Rose in its minutes. Also, it asserted that she should not have wrestled a woman. 

According to the promotion website, Rose, a former AEW Women’s World Champion, has logged 99 wins and 47 losses while in AEW. AEW CEO Tony Khan expressed disappointment in the commission’s decision. 

“There simply should not be a climate in professional wrestling,” he wrote in a statement. “Or anywhere in our society, where transgender people face discrimination.” He added, “AEW stands behind Nyla Rose and all transgender athletes and transgender people who are impacted by discrimination.”

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Transgender athletes’ participation in women’s sports has become a hotly debated topic in the broader culture wars. While conservatives argue that it isn’t fair to other competitors, liberals say it invalidates gender identities. 

Liberals claim when people who identify as women can’t compete against women, it makes gender identities irrelevant. Battles over trans participation have made their way into the courts and to the desk of President Biden.

Oklahoma Sports Commission member Larry Lovelace motioned on January 3, 2024, to “warn AEW not to do this again or there will be punitive action.” The motion was unanimously approved. After the minutes became public, Lovelace’s office has yet to respond to requests for comment.

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The commission indicated in its minutes that it considered Rose’s identification as a woman on her wrestling license application part of its problem. Notably, applications for boxing, kickboxing, and MMA all require athletes to indicate whether they have had gender reassignment surgery.

However, the wrestling application does not, according to the minutes. As a result, the commissioners said they would add the question “so this doesn’t happen in the future.”

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