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“Woke” Hollywood Gets Another Disappointing Box Office Return

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“Woke” Hollywood
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It seems that with each new release that pushes a “woke” agenda, Hollywood sees a significant loss of profits. This is down a billion and a half dollars from the projected total for 2023. Yet despite this, Hollywood still seems to feel like everyone is on board with the “woke” media.

Let’s take a closer look at what could be causing these financial losses for Hollywood. Hollywood has tried to connect with ordinary people and make movies that they think people want to see.

Unfortunately, the information they get to form their opinions often comes from people living in the same state. This leads to fewer fans of the media they produce.

It seems that Hollywood wants to send a message of condemnation to those who do not have the same beliefs as us. Defining “sober” is somewhat difficult, people tend to use the term in their way.

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Generally, if something is “woke” it is trying to convey a particular moral message. The problematic aspect of “woke” messages is the way they treat their audience, which tends to demean them and make them feel like children.

The reality is that no one will accept this type of treatment, especially from the entertainment and film industry. Many people may remember the recent SAG writers’ strike, but that’s not the only issue  Hollywood has faced recently.

They encountered many problems with delays, interruptions, and outright failures. Especially with superhero movies, which have been hugely successful until recently.

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They have experienced significant declines in popularity, such as Madame Web, which dropped 67% after its first week in theaters. Hollywood has had some surprising disappointments with Marvel, which is hard to believe, especially for those who remember how big those movies were.

Under Disney’s ownership, the company achieved great success. Without strong direction, a deeply ingrained message of awakening, and a lack of substance in the script, fans were not surprised when their film failed to succeed.

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic In 2019, the world shut down as everyone knew it. Hollywood planned to release 108 films that year. That number dropped to 88 in 2023, with poorly scripted films and delayed release schedules appearing to be part of what continues to cause problems for Hollywood in 2024.

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It’s easy to understand why screenwriters are considered an important aspect of film production. Hollywood’s attempt to de-emphasize writers proved unsuccessful, and the strike was responsible for months of delays, which added to losses of about half a billion dollars.

It’s been a long time since Hollywood released a hit movie that relied heavily on preachy morality to sell well. And there’s reason to believe that’s why audiences are now avoiding movies.

Massive budgetary failures, poorly written scripts, and the sheer number of special effects turned the films from an eagerly anticipated feature into a demonstration of technology. Hollywood must adapt to meet the current challenges it faces.

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