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Nick Cannon Witnessed His Parent’s Separation as a Child: How His Experiences Inform His Fatherhood Choices

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Although famous for his multifaceted showbiz career, Nick Cannon has also made headlines for his fatherhood escapades and relationship with his parents.

Nick Cannon rose to fame as a singer, actor, and TV personality whose multiple talents shone through his works.

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From releasing several hit songs to his roles as host of singing competition shows like “America’s Got Talent,” and “The Masked Singer,” the entertainer made a name for himself professionally.

While his stand as a successful showbiz legend is undisputable, his road has not been easy. Growing up, Cannon had to deal with difficult life decisions, including watching his parents grow apart and enduring a tough climb to stardom.

Even as a successful entertainer, he still faces a tumultuous path, especially as he receives increasing backlash over his multiple births and fatherhood choices. Recently, the star faced even more public scrutiny after welcoming his latest child, the eighth, with model Bre Tiesi.

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While the world seems concerned for the star amid his procreation efforts, his parents do not seem to mind. In fact, it appears his love for large families stems from the upbringing Nick Cannon received growing up with his parents.

Get to know about Nick Cannon, his parents, his childhood, and how his past experiences affected his life choices.

Who Are Nick Cannon’s Parents?

Nick Cannon’s parents are James Cannon and Beth Hackett. While little is known about the duo since the singer shies away from sharing details about them, they welcomed their son on October 8, 1980

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The icon spent years growing up with his paternal grandfather in SouthEast San Diego. Before that, he enjoyed a beautiful childhood with his parents, before those years were cut short by their heartbreaking split.

Nick Cannon’s Parents’ Divorced When He Was Young

Reports show that Cannon’s parents divorced when he was a young child, causing him to split his time between California and North Carolina. Despite their separation, the former couple made efforts to support his endeavors, even while growing up with his grandfather.

His dad, James Cannon has openly expressed support for his son, especially in connection with his procreation efforts. Addressing the rapper’s multiple births, Cannon’s father once said:

“I believe children are blessings. And I teach my son, ‘Make as much money as you can, and have as many children as you can.’”

Nick Cannon posing with four of his kids | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Perhaps, instilling this belief in Cannon from the cradle made the star bent on doing just that, hence his tendency for having several kids with multiple women.

He Knows The Value Of Life And Appreciates It

Nick Cannon has been open about his near-death experience even before he was born, admitting his mom, Hackett nearly aborted him. In his track, “Can I Live,” the crooner reminisced on that reality and how glad he was that she never went through with it.

While the 41-year-old and his mom have since moved past that phase of their story, knowing he almost never came into existence made him better understand and appreciate life. At the end of his song, he divulged:

“I’m just telling y’all my story. I love life, I love my mother for giving me life. We all need to appreciate life, A strong woman that had to make a sacrifice. Thanks for listening. Mama thanks for listening.”

Having gone through a close call with death, Cannon grew up loving big families. Little wonder he makes a point of creating one of his own.

Did Nick Cannon’s Parents Divorce Influence His Marital Life

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Navigating life post-divorce can prove tough for the involved parties and most times, the kids take a harder hit. Having experienced such painful circumstances at a young age, it is not unnatural for the star to not wish that on his kids as well.

Hence, he tried his hands on marriage once, hoping to make it work. But when it failed, Cannon resolved not to walk down that road again, unless he snagged a second chance with his first and only-ever wife Mariah Carey. He once opened up about this decision, saying:

“That [marriage to Carey] to me was one of the greatest experiences of my life. And for that to have come to an end as well, it’s like alright, well why would I go back if I couldn’t make that work out right?”

Going further, the actor acknowledged that having given his all to his first marriage, it would take something new and entirely different to make him willing to walk the marriage route again.

Nick Cannon’s Kids And their Mothers

Rather than get married, Cannon has put his effort into having more kids, adding to Moroccan and Monroe, his fraternal twins from his marriage to Carey.

Following his eight-year marriage to the songstress, Cannon welcomed his third child, Golden Cannon. The baby, born in 2017, came from his affair with Brittany Bell. Three years later, the “AGT” host became a proud father again welcoming another child Powerful Queen Cannon, with Bell.

In June 2021, just months after the arrival of his daughter, Cannon welcomed twins Zion and Zillion Cannon. He shares the children with model Abby De la Rosa.

That same month, Nick Cannon welcomed another child, Zen Cannon, with model Alyssa Scott. Sadly, Zen passed away five months later after suffering a brain tumor.

In July 2022, the icon welcomed another son, Legendary Cannon, with model Bre Tiesi. Despite having eight kids, it doesn’t appear the rapper has plans of relaxing his fatherhood escapades given his questionable views about condoms and other contraceptives.

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